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Swifty Gas Station Complaints & Reviews

Swifty Gas Station - Ohio, Marion / rude attendant


This past evening I went to the Chase Bank to cash a check. I then went to the Swifty Gas Station where the attendant put the gas into my van for me. I was paying him in cash. My bill came to $45.00 even. I handed him 2 $20's, $2 bill, & 3 $1.oo bills. One of the dollar bills was torn & he said that he couldn't take it. He said that no bank would take it either. I told him that I had just got the money at the bank, & I showed him the envelope from Chase Bank. He kept on asking me for another $1.00 bill. I told him that I didn't have any others. He then said " Do you mean to tell...

Swifty Gas Station / Never again


I pulled in July 15, 2008 4:30PM. There were two other cars in front of me but only the front one was being serviced. Once that car left, the attendant, Bobby didn't have the car in front of me pull up. While I was sitting there and no one was using the front pump, Bobby serviced 3 other cars on the other side of the pumps. The car in front of me leaves, I pull up to the front pump for the folks now behind me. Bobby waits on two other cars again. Six services later, he comes to my window. I give him my card and say "All the way, cheapest ya got." He comes to my window, hands me my card and...