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Sintax on Aug 4, 2011

I've been ordering ISK for EVE Online for years with this provider. The last order I placed went smoothly, or so I thought. I had placed an order for 1 billion ISK back on 7/15/2011. The ISK was delivered promptly. The problem was that on 7/18/2011, I go to use some of that ISK to buy gear is gone. An EVE GM had reversed the in-game contract between swagvault and myself. This gets worse as I contact swagvault's live chat. I explain what had happened. They request a screen shot of my in-game wallet. I send them the screen shot & then they waste 30 minutes of my time by telling me this i... / failed to deliver product or issue refund

Jpgamer on Jun 6, 2011

I purchased ISK (game currency) for Eve online. Although they made an attempt to deliver the currency the game management reversed the transaction returning the currency to them. They required a game screenshot of the transaction reversal in order to discuss it. I reloaded the game and recovered a screenshot which I provided. After they review, they claimed not to have received the currency back. I asked to see the wallet screenshot that would have confirmed this and they refused. I got squat they got nearly $30.00 and a pissed off client. / ###!

Hypnotik on Jan 20, 2011

I purchased a levellig service from this company, they quoted 4 days and a few hours to level me from 30 to 50 in Aion and I purchased a few million Kinah. Not only did they take several days for the delivery of the Kinah (gold) they had all sorts of excuses as to why they didn't have it. After 6 days of power levelling they had only boosted me to lvl 38. Not only were they using my toon to generate more Kinah but they were using it as a gold mule! No wonder they took so long to level. I made a complaint, told them to stop the levelling process and to refund the remaining credit in Kinah... - California / Account Suspension due to Powerleveling


Never, ever deal with Swagvault for any World of Warcraft Services. I spent $210 on their Powerleveling product using the Recruit a Friend system and had both (!) accounts involved permanently suspended by Blizzard. Investigation Concluded: Type of Violation: Violation of the terms of service Details of Incident: Verified use of online trading services such as power leveling. - Florida, Palmetto / Stolen Adena


Paid for 50m Adena and never recieved it. Person in live chat said they did not have the ADENA IN STOCK. ###. - Kansas / Eve online Isk reversals

Swagvault openly advertises you will never lose your isk. This advertisement is a complete lie. I made a purchase for 2 billion isk in the total of around $75. Once they delivered it 5 minutes later ccp removed it from my account. I have spent well over $5000 with this company in the past and they did nothing to resolve the issue regardless of their illegal advertising. If they guarantee you anything be warned it is a lie. I can't stress this enough they will get your account banned. If you have an eve online account you wish to keep and you purchase is from swagvault you will get banned... - New Hampshire / Did not honor price protection!


I purchased 200 Gold for 208.62 and several hours later they lowered the price to 199.83... No big deal I figured because they had a Price Protection Policy:, 4 It states: SwagVault offers a 24-hour price protection policy. Due to the volatile nature of game currency prices, SwagVault offers compensation within 24 hours of any difference in price fluctuations. To take advantage of the price protection policy, please contact one of our helpful customer service representative via live chat. No... - California, Santa Clara / Did not receive what I purchased!

Swagvault is a fraud. I ordered some in game gold and never received it. When I called them they said they had already made the delivery. When I asked them to provide me with the record of the transaction I got the run around and delaying tactics. They keep on asking you to call back in 3hours or 1hours time or that they will be sending you a email shortly. I have never received anything back from them. I have since filed a claim with PayPal to get my money back. I have also filed a report with the Internet Fraud Center, the FBI, the IRS, and Ebay. / Used account for gold trading while under power level DO NOT USE!!!!


Signed up to be power leveled by this company as was attracted by thier prices, there quote was lvls 17-50 to take 4day 9 hours, now yesterday I happened across this website and seeing the comments made on these people i cancelled the order right away and changed my password, I should also note that considering they told me itd be 4 days 9 hours to lvl 50 when i cancelled yesterday it was the 6th day since my order and I was only at lvl 33 so they are not only fraudsters they are slow fraudsters! anyways all was fine i played my account last night, until i got an email this morning saying i wa... / Fraud & cheating company!

I ordered wow gold and was charged, it was supposed to be there in 24hr and 4 days later it said it was delivered but wasn't. Web site said contact us 24/7 @ 703-636-6288 and # doesn't work also says 24/7 live online support and nobody is ever online it always says offline cant get a e-mail or call from them. Don't buy wow gold from this company!!! / Pissed off company


Found their site on google then want to have a try. I choose 1-60 package and paid by paypal. But they refused to start my order and asked me to pay by western union. So unacceptable. I have to pay additional fee for that and at the end my account was hacked !!! I know it was done by them but they denied !! So ridiculous. Please stay away from them !! / Beware - promised services not received! is a thief. Paid 29.95 for services online, and they were not given as promised. Please beware - use a different gold service.