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Sukam Inverter Complaints & Reviews

Sukam Inverter / Inverter not charging and no support


Service of Sukam Inverters is worst. We have procured a Sukam Inverter about a year back with 1.4 KVA. Within a year, the battery stopped charging. Everytime we call a person from Power Grip Systems, Bangalore, they send people only after n number of repeated calls and inspite of being under warranty, they charge us everytime for 350/-. Within a span of 4-5 mths of their resolving the problem, again there is a same problem. Inspite of number of requests made to them, they are reluctant to send any person. I am planning to procure Inverter from some other company where I can get some support...

Sukam Inverter / Bad product, worse after sales service


I had purchased a su-kam inverter in June 2007. Every 2-3 weeks the inverter would stop working due to something or the other and the company takes its own sweet time to send the guys for repairs after filing a complaint, normally someone makes a visit at least a week after. So during that time the consumer has to suffer. Then the battery turned out to be faulty and they took 1 month to replace it, and did not even provide a stand-by battery. 3 months after the battery was replaced, the new one has also turned out to be faulty. It has already been 2 weeks since I filed a complaint and no...