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Suburban Motor Sales Complaints & Reviews

Suburban Motor Sales / Engine died next day

Feb 26, 2015

Wish we would have seen the previous reviewer's complaint on this website before we purchased from Suburban Motor Sales, but I see that they attempted to scrub their reputation by coercing the guy into deleting his post before they would give him the money for a repair... We had almost the exact same thing happen to us. We bought a 2002 Jeep Liberty on the weekend, drove it home and to work on Monday and it died on the way home. The mechanic said that the engine was shot and needed to be completely rebuilt which will cost us well over $2000. Suburban Motor Sales told they would pay up to...

Suburban Motor Sales / Car lot lied

Dec 15, 2012

I recently bought a 2002 mercury mountaineer from a car lot in lima ohio and they told me there was nothing wrong with it. Well i haven’t even had it for 1 week and the other night i was on my way home and it just died on me, i thought it was the battery so i went out and bought a new one and it won’t even start so i got it towed to a mechanic and come to find out there is a shortage in one of the wires under the hood and it’s going to cost me at least $300 to get it fixed and i can’t afford that and the company will not help me get it fixed.