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Star Search Casting Complaints & Reviews

Star Search Casting / Don't wast your money

Aug 30, 2012

Do not waste money on this site. I am currently a member of this site and am not getting anything exciting. I submited myself to several casting calls this site offers and got an e-mail back from one that was a scam casting call. Any company that asks you to pay money for the service of casting calls is a scam. Trust me on this. Please do yourself a favor and join They have free auditions. I have gotten one scam e--mail from them so far but it wasn't a casting call I submited myself to. Or spend your money you would spend on star search as a member and invest in your own Talent agent so you know you are getting legit jobs. Sincerely, Angry Star casting member

Star Search Casting - California, Ventura / Fraud and scam


This on line casting site in business for years, has finally been exposed for defrauding it's clients. Before YOU pay them, you may wish to read the following links and then, you decide! /URL removed/?q1=ALL&q4=&q6=&q3=&q2=&q7=&searchtype=0&submit2=Search%21&q5=star+search+casting

Star Search Casting - Arizona, Phoenix / Fraud & scam


If you're planning on signing up with star search casting, don't. I did and wasted my money, got absolutely nothing but outdated free jobs. Their website totally misrepresents what they do. I emailed with questions about a dozen times or so and got no response. the company touts it's bbb approved. Well, after much research into the better business bureau company, I have found that they're also a scam organization that takes money from any scam business for the right endorsement. I am in the process of trying to begin a class action lawsuit against this company, if you can call it that. They have no real business address, just a mailbox drop, no telephone numbers, nothing.