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Stair Warehouse Complaints & Reviews

Stair Warehouse / Terrible Quality Control

Mar 5, 2014

I never received a courtesy e-mail or phone call of apology from them. This was sent to "John" a tech person I spoke with, as well as to an S. Cappel (supposedly one of the owners). Their price point is high for all their stuff, and the attention to quality should be high as well. If you remember we spoke twice about info I needed for my order with you. The two packages were waiting for me when we arrived Friday night in Canaan. You were so helpful, and also were the women in your order department, that I wanted to share with you the following. Quality Control from your shipper in Ohio i...

Stair Warehouse - Texas / Bait and Switch


Ordered item from them, received incorrect item and had to send it back. Was charged a 30% restocking fee plus lost my money to send item back, not to mention my original shipping fees. If I simply didn't want the item, I'd be okay with this but Stairwarehouse made the error and basically stole money from me. I'd like to know how many other customers they have done this to.