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SK Auto Parts Complaints & Reviews

SK Auto Parts - Texas, Brownsville / bad part and no refund


i ordered a part from them on feb. 18 and they took my money immediately $160.00. i still hadnt received my part by march 20, i finally got the part and it was no better than the part that was on my car, so i requested the part be picked up and my money refunded. i was told on 2 occasions that the check had been mailed and it is may 20 and still no check or anything. these pics are of the part they sent me, missing a harness on one, exposed wire on them, cracked on the coating.

SK Auto Parts - Texas, Brownsville / Scam


Our experience with this company is very similar to the other complaints. They claimed to have the part, took the money from our account right away and never gave us any receipt, confirmation, shipping information, nothing. When we tried to call, if we got a real person, we received the run around. But most of the time we got a message saying that they were unable to take any more messages at this point. I contacted the Better Business Bureau in Houston ([email protected]) to let them know that this company is scamming people and all they did was submit my complaint to SK Auto Parts. The BBB...

SK Auto Parts - Texas, Brownsville / Scam: No product, No Refunds


On March 6th, I placed an order with Hector of SK Auto Parts. I was told that my order would be shipped and I would have it in 5 days. After waiting about 10 days, I started calling to see where my part was. Most of the time I would not get an answer. I would leave a message and of course no one has ever returned my calls. Finally, I did speak with someone and I was told that there had been a mistake and they did not have the part. I was going be mailed a refund...that was 3 weeks ago. For about a week, there was an answering message that said they would be closed for a week. Now there i...

SK Auto Parts / Fraudulent company


On Sat. Feb 28th I ordered 2 parts from Hector at SK and was lead to believe they had the parts and they would be shipped on Mon. or Tues. I noticed on Mar. 2nd my bank account was debited $320.00, they wasted no time taking my money. After a reasonable amount of time, about 10 days I called to inquire about my order. I was told the person I needed to talk to was not there at the moment but, they would call me back. Of course they never did so I called the next day. This time I found out my parts were never shipped but they would find out what happened and, of course, call me back. Again they...