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Shrinkabulls Complaints & Reviews

Shrinkabulls / bad genetics in breeding

May 19, 2018

I bought a beautiful rare tri color english bulldog and it cost me almost $15, 000 and it died of genetic issues at 2 years old. I was heartbroken when it arrived with pneumonia and I took care of him for 3 months and took him to get blood tests and x-rays every week until he was well and free of pneumonia. That cost me over $2000 dollars and that was not the end of his health issues. He had an elongated soft palate. Interdigits, inverted laryngeal saccules, stenotic nares. If you are thinking of buying a dog from shrinkabulls... Dont unless you can spend $35, 000 and up because those are the...

Shrinkabulls / Getting the run around

Aug 22, 2015

I started with a lady from Champs Bulldogs.Then all of a sudden I get a text from someone who is with Shrinkabulls and says they one in the same company.I was first quoted a price within my budget from Champs.The bulldogs from Shrinkabulls are $ 5999.00.That is way way too high of a price to pay.They did work with me and found a solution.Bad news again they want payment by wire.My bank said they don't trust this at all.And I am better off not sending them another penny.They got $ 500.00 for the deposit which I will never get back.This started in July 2015 ending August 22, 2010