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Shop Flip Flops Complaints & Reviews

Shop Flip Flops / Unauthorized charges


I also have had problems with Shop Flip Flops, i ordered a pair of swarovski flop flops back in AUG 08, there were the wrong size and Alan from shop flip flops agreed to exchange them. He gave me an address in Texas to send them to and i never recived the new pair, nor did i receive a refund. Its not 9 months later and i'm still sending e-mails to Kent trying to organize a refund and i'm getting nowhere! Terrible customer service!!! I have now given them over $100 and have nothing to show for it! The flip flops were for my wedding and its pretty sad to say the hardest thing about...

Shop Flip Flops / Scammer


I ordered wholesale of havaianas flip flops from them and paid thru bank wire transfer on October 14, 2008 (US$ 1869.95). After a week or two of waiting they claimed that the transfer has not been received by them. My next course of action was to do a bank wire reversal since it is taking too long for them to receive the fund and it was then that I have read some negative comment(s) about their company. The reversal didnt push through because their bank said it is only them (Shop Flip Flops) that can authorize the reversal since the fund was already received by them (this is when they replied...

Shop Flip Flops - California / scam


I have ordered 180 pairs of havaianas from shop flip flops. At first they got back to me right a way. After I send them all my info. including credit card #, copies of credit card back and front, verifying my signature. They charged my accout same day. Since that day they would get back to my email once every 2 weeks or so. I tried to get some answeres from them regarding the tracking # or how soon should I expect the shipment... there was nobody to speak to or to get an answer from. Finally after 2 months I decisded to send them an email requesting a refund. They got back to me same day...

Shop Flip Flops / Liars and scammers


Beware of Kent and Jessica Mends at Shop Flip Flops! It has now been 5 months since I placed my wholesale order with them. Now, after I have lost my business, dropped my wewbsite, spent thousands of dollars that are all now lost, the best they can do for me is send me 388 pairs of Flip Flops that I have told them I have no way to sell - and Kent simply said that I should "sell them on Ebay and I could double my money"!!! Hello? Are you kidding me? Then when it comes time for a partial refund, as they refused to send me a full refund of $5250.00, they have the audacity to charge me almost...

Shop Flip Flops / They scammed me out of 5K!


It has now been 5 months since I sent Shop Flip Flops $5250.00 for my wholesale order of 681 pairs of Havaianas. They have my address, they have my money, they have my bank information to refund my money, but THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING! I have lost my business, spent endless hours trying to resolve this and still, as of today, March 3, 2009 I still get nothing but lies from Kent. If Shop Flip Flops has scammed you in any way, large or small, please report them to the FBI and the BBB. My complaint # with the BBB is: 55072211. You may use it to reference your complaint. Shop Flip Flops' reply...