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Septic MAXX Complaints & Reviews

Septic MAXX - Michigan, Cedar Springs / Septic additive

Dec 18, 2015

I have a bag of this product that I have used approximately 4 pouches out of. I called to return the product and was told I was over the return time. They then told me that I owe them 300 dollars! They have called me 3-5 times in a row around 3 times a day for two months threatening to sue me for 5000 dollars. This is foolish and harassing over a product I still have and WANT TO RETURN. It didn't do what it was supposed to, my septic guy told me to stop using it after my septic system bloated this year and so I did what he said. I have the product, they want the 5000 NOT the product back. I...

Septic MAXX - Florida, Delray Beach / Septic MAXX Doesn't WORK!!!!!!!!

Oct 16, 2012

Septic MAXX sold me a product a little over a month ago over the phone for my septic system which had wet spots in the yard. They promised that I would get results within 30 days or I would get my money back. After using the product for 28 days the wet spots remained unchanged. I called them and told them it wasn't working and asked about returning the product for a refund. They informed me that I didn't qualify for the 30 day trial since I paid with a C.C. I think that is B.S. Has anyone else dealt with this company?? Any advice on how to pursue this problem futher?????????