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Secondmeta Complaints & Reviews

Secondmeta - Texas, Austin / Scamming customers

I am also a former employee of this company. I have been in the telemarketing/sales arena for some time, and NEVER EVER have I seen such a deceptive and misleading entity. To begin with, the supervisors train prospective employees to be totally manipulative and controlling of the sales pitch. They call this "assumptive sales." I call it ###. Lies and more lies are all this place is composed of. The person in charge of scheduling employees (Sarah Bornaleit) is a former trainer of the absolute WORST variety. She is nothing short of a liar. Lying to employees about the efficacy of the company...

Secondmeta / Scamming consumers/employees


I am a former employee of this HORRIFIC company. These people lie outright to both potential consumers and their employees. Do not, under any circumstances sign up with these idiots. In their training sessions for new employees, you are explicitly told "Do not let anything stand in the way of your money. Get these people to give you their credit card numbers. Money is all that matters." This is a direct quote from Alex Atashi Floor Director. These people pride themselves on deceptive sales practices. The company script changes two or three times each week due to legal issues surrounding...

Secondmeta - Texas, Austin / employee pay

After working for this company for over a year and dealing with paychecks that bounce I have been denied my correct pay. My paycheck has always bounced so I use a local check cashing business. But now My entire check is off. When I asked my supervisor Hector Laya about this I was told that if I had any problems with my check and attempted to talk to HR or payroll about it that I would be fired. Please help! Shady company!