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Seattle Coffee Direct Complaints & Reviews

Seattle Coffee Direct - Michigan, Warren / NON REFUND OF MONEY


January 27, 2010<br /> <br /> Hello: My name is Brenda and I didn't order 6 pounds of Coffee from Seattle Coffee Direct They charged my checking account Debit<br /> in the anount of $116.85 and they keep telling me they will put the refund back into my Bank for the last 5 months. I have talked <br /> to approximately 36 people who all tell me the same thing. Wait 72 hours and your Money will be put back into your account.<br /> To date, they have not put any money back or even returned anymore of my phone calls. I don't have this product but they...

Seattle Coffee Direct - Illinois / Fraud


Basically FRAUD and illegal charging on my credit card. I thought their service sounded like a convenient idea, but that's when the over charging, etc. began. Who pays $79 for a small bag of coffee and a crappy travel mug? Then another, and another, and another in the course of a week! Certainly not me. I contacted my card and disputed all these charges and returned the items. All had been fine until recently. I hadn't had a run in with this company for over 14 months, and now all of a sudden I have 2 packages on my doorstep. Realistically, the only way to stop them is to cancel your...

Seattle Coffee Direct - Illinois, Evanston or Niles / fraudulent charges


As part of another offer I signed up with Urban Tea Direct to recieve a special "free" offer. A special for 4 bags of tea and a pair of mugs and a tea leaf steeper. It was a "free' offer with $39.76 shipping and handling charge. OK no problem, it was worth the shipping for the 4 bags of tea which I hoped was extrodinary. I was supposed to receive a new shipment once a month. I received my first shipment 10/06/09 and the second on 10/22/09. Ok, a little faster than anticpated but still OK if they wait another month. There were charges on my debit account for $39.76 on 10/6 and 10/09. Strange...

Seattle Coffee Direct - New Hampshire, Peterborough / Charges and refunds


I fell for the $2.00 gimic of 2 packages of coffee and 2 travel mugs. The day received the package, I called to cancel . within 2 days, there were 2 seperate deductions from my account for the amount of $39.70. I sent both packages back with return to sender on packages and then waited about 2 weeks to call again. They told me it takes 3-5 weeks for the packages to come back to the "office " so they can reimburse customers. But they will not tell you when the packages were scanned for shipment. That way they can keep changing when the 30 day billing cycles begins and ends

Seattle Coffee Direct / Refund Not sent to me


I ordered the special of 2 lbs of coffee for 5.99. Every few days my debit card was charged 38.99 and I was covered over with coffee. I called immediately and stopped this mess. Told them I was sending the coffee back immediately and I did. That was in June of 2009. Seven phone calls later and I have only received a refund of 38.99 and that was just last week. I am furious and just made my 8th phone call telling them I was contacting my local TV stations and Georgia Watch ( A consumer Advocacy Group in Atlanta). They promised someone would get in touch with me and as that is a promise I have had before, I do not believe them. I will never do business with this group again.

Seattle Coffee Direct - Illinois, Evanston / Unauthorized Debits


My husband is 72. He rec'd an email offering 2 pounds of coffee & 2 mugs for $2. That was last week. Within 7 days he has been billed over $119!! Don't go near this company with a 10 foot pole! Our bank says we must contact the company and speak to someone before they will take any action. Have yet to contact a live person, but I'll keep trying!! Check out the Better Business Bureau for a list of all their other shell company names! File a BBB complaint then call or write the Illinois State Attorney General as well as your own. I will hound these people until they refund the money they stole from us. Wish I lived near Evanston!!

Seattle Coffee Direct - Texas, Lubbock / MAJOR SCAM!


I ordered a special $4.95 offer from this company offerring 2 bags of coffee, 2 mugs and 2 tumblers. Little did I know, they charged $5 for EACH thing, not for them all together. So, instead of being charged $5, I was charged $25. Then on top of that, I was also charged $38.95 for some subscription or something. I sent 2 packages back I received and cancelled my "Membership" as they call it. I called 5 times and the first 4 I was told they just hadn't received my packages. When they did receive my packages, I would be refunded. EVERYTIME I was told I would be refunded. The 5th time I...

Seattle Coffee Direct / Overpriced / Unwanted Shipments


I wish I would have read these complaints before trying the offer from Seattle Coffee Direct. During a survey I was offered two 12-ounce bags of coffee, two coffee mugs and two travel mugs for $5. However, with shipping the total was closer to $25. To make matters worse, automatic shipments started every two weeks with billing almost immediately. The auto-shipments were for two 12-ounce bags of coffee and with shipping totalled $35. That's $1.46 an ounce!! In retrospect, you could buy directly from Starbucks and receive two 16-ounce bags (with shipping) for around $27, coming to $0.87 per...

Seattle Coffee Direct - Illinois, Evanston / huge scam!!


This company has gone to such lengths to scam people that the name of the 'actual company' listed by the website is false. For anyone who has been scammed by Seattle Coffee Direct, their real phone number is:847-424-0954. I would suggest that everyone who reads this immediately call and cancel the "order" you didn't agree to and send a formal complaint not only to the BBB but also to the attorney general of Illinois. Its 100% free (unlike their crappy coffee) and hopefully if enough people do this, these people will be stopped permanantly!!! The "$ 5 no obligation" offer is so...

Seattle Coffee Direct - Illinois, Evanston / Fraud - Credit Card


Charges from this company appeared on my credit card twice. I was not sure who they were and they were closed when I called the number on my statement so I googled them. It took me to 12 sites complaining about their horrible business practices. When I did reach them by phone they stated I ordered coffee? I said I did not order anything and they basically said too bad. Now I have to dispute the charges at my bank which is a pain. I found this site regarding complaints against them so I decided to add mine. Its hard to believe a company like this with all of these complaints since 2007 would still be in business. I am also going to file with the BBB.

Seattle Coffee Direct - Illinois, Evanston / Rip off!


Seattle Coffee Directly RIPPED ME OFF!!! It took me nearly one month of digging, but I uncovered the "Wizard behind the curtain". His name is Brian Dale. "President" of peel inc. 990 Grove St. Suite 204 Evanston, Il. 60201 (847)424-0954 [email protected] Check out Click his link for "Commerce". It's all right there! Seattle Coffee Direct; Shop Dani; Poster Pass File complaints at:, I got My MONEY BACK!!! YOU CAN TOO!!!

Seattle Coffee Direct / Misrepresentation and illegal business practices!


We have also been suckered by Seattle Direct Coffee. The initial offer of $9 for two bags of coffee and a grinder is a complete misrepresentation. Nowhere in the ad is it stated that there is a $25 shipping and handling fee. Since March 23, our credit card has been charged once for $34 and three additional charges of $36.95--four months worth of coffee in 1 1/2 months. To date, two shipments of mediocre coffee have arrived. After reading the other postings, I was amazed to have a person from the company return my call. She has agreed to cancel the membership (believe it when I see it) and...

Seattle Coffee Direct / These people are crooks!


I take all the blame for being stupid and responding to an online survey. The promotional offer was 2 lb of coffee plus a coffee grinder for $9. It sounded like a good deal. Somewhere in the fine print was a $25 membership fee. I was charged $34.00 on Jan 30. I went on line to check my credit card bill and saw this charge plus another on Feb 7. I called immediately to cancel. The coffee is lousy and definitely not worth $17 per lb. I have seen numerous complaints online and they apparently charge for coffee much more often than once every 30 days. I am going to call again and tell them that...