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Schwinn Complaints & Reviews

Schwinn / signature men's fremont hybrid bike

Oct 12, 2018

Bike seat not low enough. Went to Schwinn Corporate and they customer service with them is god awful. Turned me off to Schwinn indefinitely. I don't usually make a stink about anything, so if I went to them about something, it was serious. They didn't treated it like, but were dismissive. There are plenty of better companies out there. Stay far away from Schwinn!

Schwinn - Virginia, Midlothian / poor service


In late 2008 I purchased a Schwinn Town and Country from Agee's Bicycle in Midlothian Virginia. It worked admirably but sadly suffered a bent wheel through our own error. We began to try and get a new wheel around March 2009. Agee's, the distributor, told us that they could not as it was unavailable. We called Schwinn national who gave us the part number. Under duress the distributor ordered it for us in July, for an August delivery. In December, our prepaid part arrived, and was sold to someone else without notice or explanation. This distributorship has performed terribly poorly...

Schwinn / defective bicycle


I purchased a Schwinn bike for my son in Jan 2008. The bike started to have problems after the first 3 weeks. The chain would continually come off the rear wheel. Finally it completely pulled into the rear wheel, broke two spokes and destroyed the rear derailer. I took the bike to Target with receipt within the 90 day window for repair. It is now almost mid May and the bike has not been repaired. I have called and or went by the store inquiring on the status of the repair. The store manager as well as every conversation on the phone has provided the same answer, parts are on order and we will...