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Saveology - Florida / rebate

midaniwr on Jul 7, 2013
I ordered Comcast service through saveology which they did not even tell me they were not comcast until the very end of the order process They misrepresented the Comcast service and attempted to tack on hidden fees until I called them on it. I ordered a cable modem and WiFi router because they promised 100% rebate of the cost of the equipment. This was Dec 2012, now its July 2013 and I am still fighting with them to send me my rebate checks. I filed a BBB complaint and got no where. This company is a SCAM I have no doubt it will fold by 2014 and probably hundreds of thousands will be out money they paid them.

Saveology - California / Saveology represents themselves as Authroized Time Warner Cable Representatives and Sales

User1366065143 on Apr 15, 2013
Saveology in on the Internet representing themselves as Official Time Warner Authorized Representatives and Selling Services. Sells services. They have ful customer service when you call. But, when you call and order, they cannot and will not deliver. You place an order for Cable Internet and TV, they try to sell you hardware. YOu find out when appontment time comes you have been scammed and Time Warner has no record of any transactions. YOu may also have puchased hardware which is sold for twice what the stores sell it for, with or without rebate. The rebate may or maynot be valid. Time Wrner...

Saveology - Florida, Margata / wireless router and modem - free with comcast subscription

checkbeforeyoubuy on Mar 4, 2013
The rebate was offered almost a year ago (April 2012) the deal was if you purchased their equipment, then had carrier hook everything up, after 30 days you would get a rebate for the equipment. (199.00) I just called the number and it's going to take 10 week to find out if and when the cheque was mailed to me. After that waiting period, I will have to wait another time period for the cheque. This is a scam...I don't think I will get my cheque! The other address they use is: PO Box 101420, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33310

Saveology / Misrepresents as Time Warner

HonestAbby on Aug 16, 2012
Saveology owns and operates what appears as a non-profit website internetproviders.org Utilizing internetproviders.org, I choose Time Warner Cable and called the number. They answer, "Welcome to MyTimeWarner." I believed this was Time Warner, who I have service with and was hoping to move it. She covered options and took new address then asked for my CC. I asked why she needed that if I already had an account with them. She said, "For your privacy, I don't have access to that." When I asked how was my account was going to transition, she said "Installation will cancel it." She said she was going...

Saveology - Florida, Margate / Fraud

Skahn247 on Jul 15, 2012
I thougt i was calling AT&T but i was calling these scam artist. I called to get a quote only to find out that due to my credit I had to pay a 400 deposit for at&t service. I can't afford that as I am a single mother and declined. A day later I receive an email confirmation from AT&T confirming my install date. I checked my bank and sure enough they took 400 for a deposit 100 for equipment and a 9.99 hold for something called my tech help . They gave me the run around about getting my money back and my rent check bounced. I now have over draft fees bounced check fees a crapy router and...

Saveology / Customer Service

Sissy's Mom on May 23, 2012
I ordered some chocolate brown egyptian cotton sheets as a Mother's Day present for my mother. First complaint--they sent me a voucher for the wrong color (purple). I contacted them via e-mail to correct the problem, and was told not to redeem the voucher, that they would correct it. (this was on 5-2-12) today is 5-24-12. It's been more than 3 weeks since I placed the order and they received their money--Mother's Day has come and gone--and I still have not had this issue resolved. I have contacted them several more times, and was told the first 3 times that the manager wa...

Saveology / Poor Customer Service

johnnyapollo on May 3, 2012
I contacted the company to give them feedback on a company who used them for a promotion, movie tickets.com. In reply I got a canned response - obviously the support person either didn't read my email or didn't understand it. My email: Issue: Some feedback on MovieTickets.com I purchased a voucher in Feb that expired 4/30. I tried to use the tickets however of the many theaters in Atlanta only a very small number of them were available on MovieTickets.com - and of them most were the discount-style theater (watch-and-dine - which usually offers movies around $7 to $7.50 a ticket so...

Saveology - Florida / Bad Equipment and Service

kris904 on Apr 11, 2012
First off they sent us the wrong equipment to the wrong address, which took us another 3 weeks to get the proper equipment to the right address. Little did we know the equipment was not even the right stuff that we needed for the type of service that we got. We did however keep the router that they recommended which turned out to be a disaster because that did not work either. So I thought the best thing to do was to call them up to see about getting a refund and this is what they said. We have to send the stuff in a box then put that box in another box then I HAVE TO ship it FEDEX or UPS...

Saveology - Florida / Misrepresentation, Scam and Fraud

KeithNYC on Mar 26, 2012
I had called Comcast several times to set up service at a residence we are relocating to, but because there are still residents there they told me to call back as they couldn't set up service until the current residents closed their account. I was contacted by a company representing themselves wholly as Comcast employees, and knew that I was seeking Comcast services in Texas (where we are relocating). They called "regarding my inquiry about Comcast services" and stated that they could place my order. After explaining that there were still people at the address and I was told I needed to...

Saveology - Florida / False advertising, poor customer service

Dizz21 on Jan 5, 2012
I ordered a docking station from saveology.com because their add stated it would arrive between 3-5 business days (just in time for xmas) On the 4th day I called for a tracking number, which could not be provided because the item had not shipped. Since tomorrow was day 5 I asked if it would be overnighted. They said no, so I requested a refund and sent the e-mail they requested with my order number, reason for refund, etc. I received an e-mail stating that my refund would go through in 7-10 business days. I called the 7th and the customer service rep submitted my request again. Today was the 10th day, no refund, and again they have submitted my request stating "its been moved to the top of the stack."

Saveology / Fraud! Scam! Beware !

Billy2343243 on Jul 2, 2011
I called Saveology to sign up for Dish Network based on a promotion that was advertised in a mailer. Upon calling, several things are clarified that are extremely misleading ("No setup fees and no installation fees!" Oh, but there's a $50 processing fee! But we forgot to put that on the ad!). They force you to sign up for a "free trial" of some service called "Support Squad" - supposedly a tech support service. I aggressively tried to decline the "free trial", but was told that I needed to cancel it after it was processed instead. Whatever. The call goes on and more shady practices are...

Saveology - New York / Scam regarding Cable Service

Matt in NY on May 17, 2011
I was tricked into buying a Technical Support plan. I was trying to sign up for Cable TV via Time Warner cable. I received a phone call from this company, Saveology, representing themselves as Time Warner. They signed me up for cable, took my credit card, even made an appointment with date and time of installation of the cable. I was then transferred to my local Time Warner office who told me I had been tricked and that Time Warner WAS NOT EVEN AVAILABLE IN MY AREA. Meanwhile they signed me up for some Technical Support plan for $9.99 using the credit card info they took while setting up my...

Saveology - California / Fraudf and Identity Theft

Walter Zyzzyx on Mar 29, 2011
My wife and I were looking into moving to a new address, in March 2011. I called two companies where I am a long-standing customer (Comcast and Dish Network) to ask about services at the new address. I used my land-line phone. The following day I received a call from a Saveology representative, about "my recent enquiry into Dish Services". (1) Comcast and Dish do not provide this type of information to third parties. Therefore, either Saveology hacked into my land-line, or they have a mole in the Dish Network organization who provides this information to them. (2) The representative...

Saveology / Contract Terminology

Tbone2011 on Feb 16, 2011
Saveology.Com missrepresents what their contract states. The contract I received from them states that I would receive my Gift Voucher in about 6-8 weeks. After not receiving the Gift Voucher in 6-8 weeks I called them. They stated the following: They didn't record my Voucher Redemption form until Jan 3, 2011. I sent the form in on 11/30/2010. I guess it takes over a month to get to Florida. They also claim that the 6-8 weeks doesn't start until after 90 days. The terminology states "If you have redeemed your offer and then cancelled your service within the first 90 days, this offer...

Saveology - Minnesota / stealing money

orozco2u on Jan 29, 2011
This company has people that has some how managed to basicaly hack into satelite companys and cable companys to steal your money . They managed to steal over $100 from my mother who is disabled and dying. If this is not bad enough she still has to fork over the money for her satelite bill.this is where the money was suppose to go!And since they needed my card as well they also took $108.70 from my account .And when you try to get anything back you get the run around, yelled at, or hung up on .My money is not that bad, but my mother does not have much we help pay her bills. This is a horrible...

Saveology - California / Fraud, scam, ripoff!

Billy10222133221212 on Jan 3, 2011
I called Saveology to sign up for Dish Network based on a promotion that was advertised in a mailer. Upon calling, several things are clarified that are extremely misleading ("No setup fees and no installation fees!" Oh, but there's a $50 processing fee! But we forgot to put that on the ad!). They force you to sign up for a "free trial" of some service called "Support Squad" - supposedly a tech support service. I aggressively tried to decline the "free trial", but was told that I needed to cancel it after it was processed instead. Whatever. The call goes on and more shady practices are...

Saveology - Florida, Fort Lauderdale / Saveology Does Not Honor Deals

I decided to order Dish Network through the Armed Forces Exchange Service (aafes.com) mostly because they were offering a $50 rebate. The company that AAFES had contracted with to take the orders was named "Exchange Home Services". The order went fine and we agreed on a price ($37.99 plus tax) for America's Top 120, DVR service, Free HD DVR upgrade, HD for Life, 3 months free HBO/Showtime, 6 months free Protection Plan, free actinvation/install and three receivers. The web site clearly stated that I would receive "Free HD Receivers for Up to 3 rooms". The representative explained to me...

Saveology - New York / lying

I went to order Time Warner cable and internet for my daughter's off campus apt, and some how ended up on their web site, they called me right back and promissed 4 cable boxes and a wireless modem for 84.90, when I questioned the price they said thats the deal, i asked 3 times. They then transfer you to Time Warner for the install, because of some other install issues it took a few weeks before i could get an appt with Time Warner, and TW told me that the service was 1 box with a wired modem for that price. I called back Saveology and was told they would have to review the tapes of the...

Saveology / False Advertising

When you go to buyverizon.com or google verizon fios you may get this company. They market themselves as verizon and will even tell you that they are verizon. They took all my personal information to include credit card. When it came time for installation and noone showed up I called verizon and they never had an order for me. I finally found out I ordered through a company called saveology. When I called them to complain they repeatedly hung up on them. They are currently being investigated by the FBI and the Better Business Bureau.

Saveology - Florida, Tamarac / Employment Procedure

This is my actual response to the email Saveology sent me regarding my recent application: Dear HR Support, This email is actually quite amusing! I waited 2 hours and left because no one had assisted me and my interview time had come and gone. I arrived at my scheduled 2:30pm interview at 2:00pm, passing up other opportunities to interview to make sure I attended your interview as I had already confirmed my meeting with Susan. I arrived early and no one even acknowledged my existence. I was one of 4 individuals sitting there while NO ONE attended the front desk, and simply waited. After...
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