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Save My Home USA Complaints & Reviews

Save My Home USA / overpaid

May 13, 2012

Hen it comes to government employees, there’s plenty of news about laid off social workers in florida, furloughed forest rangers in minnesota, and underpaid teachers everywhere else. Yet even during these hard times, there are thousands of government employees who still earn great, big salaries – many of them hundreds of thousands more than the $400, 000 obama pulls down each 2009, 347 texas state employees earned more than the president; 53 of them made more than $600, new york, 35 employees were paid over $400k last year. Since 2005, the number of federal employee...

Save My Home USA - Texas / refund


Well I just wanted to see if this complain area was real. Save my home got me too for $1900. I am writting this off as a lessoned learned. I know that it is an expensive lesson and many americans wish they had the $1900.00 to toss out the window. But unitl our govenment starts taking our compaints serious I don't see anything changing. Good luck to all of you others on your future plans. Ps if anyone is suing please contact me I will join the fight.

Save My Home USA - California, Rio Linda / home loan modification


I filed with this company in end of april I was told because I have 2 houses and if I filed prior to may 1st they would do both for $3, 000 I paid and cannot seem to get anything done - they just keep passing the buck - changed company to l & m processing and still cannot get ahold of anyone... I have talked to steve ramadon, attorney, whom says since I paid so much money he would help me with a bankruptcy - however, I have to fill out numerous forms and mail/fax all to him - he is one east coast, who is to be here in ca with me... For court!! Think I want my $ back also... Slp

Save My Home USA - Michigan / scam scam scam


This company is a major scam do not deal with them!!! They took the last of our savings to modify our home...$1995.00. Now we cannot get ahold of no-one phone #'s are constantly changing, contact names are always changing too!!! Does anyone know if there anyway to get our funds back??? Scam scam scam. We were dealing with the law office of norman lewin in california... They will all go to hell for taken advantage of innocent & hard working people in these hard economical times!!!

Save My Home USA - Michigan, Madison Heights / scam-fraud


In april 2009 I contacted the michigan better business bureau who gave smhusa an a rating. I sent smhusa the required $1595 to negotiate with my mortgage company for a lower mortgage interest rate and monthly payments. I sent smhusa all my personal information and finances. As it stands now my mortgage payment was modified to $20 less per month than before. All those bogus testimonials! Bunch of crooks, brandi baldwin, amanda (I will find your last name) and the other people! They told me not to talk to my mortgage lender! Now there is no smhusa website, their telephones are all disconnected...

Save My Home USA - Michigan, Madison Heights / stole my money


This company is the biggest rip off I have ever experience... They took our money and said they could help save our home.. They never returned our phone calls and thru the process kept saying I never sent them all the info they needed to get this going, but I knew I had given all the paper they required. I have put in a complaint with the michigan attorney general and I have received a letter back from them. Anyone who has had a horrible expereince with this company can fill out a complaint on-line.. Use google and type in michigan attorney general and you can fill out a complaint on-line... Lets all get our money back and send these people to hell.

Save My Home USA - California / fraud


I paid save my home usa $3000 in january 2009. Now the phones are dead. They have nothing for me. I am contacting my attorney to sue both save my home usa and callie thompson - the initial case manager who told me how honest this company was. Ron

Save My Home USA - Texas, Brownsville / loan mondification / refund


I have been scamed by save my home usa. I have had many recorded via phone conversation with the people there like:bert amidon, chris titus, luke sevecka, jeff perkowski, mary frank, tierra and they are all theives. They all gave me the run around and gave me a guarantee that I would be helped and to this date I hear they shut down and filled their pockets with many clients cash. I have made many request in writing and via email and I also was guaranteed by chris titus that I would receive my full refund within 30 days. 90 days later and they have transferred all files to...

Save My Home USA - Michigan / took my money and did nothing!


Save my home usa took $2300 for a loan modification to "save my home".. Yeah right! They were engaged initially and then I had to really push for progress over the past few months. I started this process in march of 09. My house is now in foreclosure and I am beside myself! What a thief this guy is! If anyone out there has experienced this and is trying to get monies back etc.. I'd love to hear from you. I hear this has gone federal... Does anyone know whats going on?? How do you get your money back on this type of thing? I appreciate any feedback, Desperate in denver

Save My Home USA - Michigan, Madison Heights / out of business


Save my home is a scam anyone posting anything otherwise is most likely chad himself. I have been in the finance business for 9 years there is not one single complaint ever against me. If you google save my home and or chad buchanan you find numerous complaints, the fact that he helped one person does not negate the fact he stole from the rest. Save my home is no longer in business go to the website, call the number, call chad! Anyone who would take time to leave "positive" messages on a complaint message board obviously would be none other than the alleged rip of artist him self. The worst part...

Save My Home USA - Michigan, Madison Heights / loan modification scam


Do not use this company! They are a scam. We started our process in 3/09 and luke, ursual, and cythia just gave us the run around. Apparently they don't expect you to still be in contact with your bank. Our loan is through band of america. We were initially denied, which we were never told. Then emails calling us names were accidentally forwarded to us, and then after talking wiht our bank we were told that we would have never been given a loan modification, which save my home new about. They lied to us just to drag the whole thing out and then refused to give us a full refund. I am writing this complaint so that other people will not go with this company.

Save My Home USA - Michigan, Madison Heights / didn't help


We hired smhusa on jan 5 2009. to help us modify our home, they couldn't get anywhere with my bank, we lost our home on monday and I have been calling the company for my refund, that they state 100% money back guarantee if we are unable to give you a successful action plan that improves your current situation or gives you a variable option to stop or avoid forclosure, we will refund you money no questions asked. I can not get anywhere with these people. what a slap in the face, losing my home and 1995.00. I even talked to a rep that helped us get started with smh and she no longer works with...

Save My Home USA - Michigan, Madison Heights / mortgage mod. scam


Save my home usa. stay clear of this company. we paid them $1995.00 for a mtg. modification. luke and mary gave us the runaroud for almost 3 months. saying that "your file is with our attorneys" blah blah blah. and the prior 2 months we have had our mortgage increase by $100.00 due to the consultant in s.l. c. ut. (corey kunz) telling us not to make our mtg pmt. will make your mod. get done sooner. well we were notified from luke at smhusa on 6-05-09 that our refund was denied as he stated they (smhusa) had worked out a deal with lender to increase our pmt. $100.00 a month for 40 months to...