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SAMBA Insurance Complaints & Reviews

SAMBA Insurance / Think long and hard before choosing them

Jun 19, 2011

This begins my second and last year with SAMBA Health Insurance Plan. They have a practice of frequently denying legitimate claims. (I was too busy and let the open season come and go without changing plans. Now I am literally paying once again for my failure to change insurances.) Here is but one example: My daughter. age 21, is covered by my insurance. She saw an active PPO provider with SAMBA for a couple of dozens chiropractic sessions. SAMBA has a separate $300 deductible for such and then covers 12 treatments in a calendar year. SAMBA applied none of these treatments to her calendar year...

SAMBA Insurance / Scam


SAMBA Insurance Plan with OPM is something to be watched closely. After ten years with our same doctor and several support systems we have come to rely on for great health care, we have to make a change. During the seasonal insurance network shopping, SAMBA switched to a plan, Cigna PPO, that is not accepted by our primary doctor and a huge chunk of other support such as our hospital of choice, etc. They are saving us money and it was a business decision, (like switching to Nextel from Verizon. In a city, no problem, but on the reservations and remote sites, no service. By the way, they...