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Salute Credit Card Complaints & Reviews

Salute Credit Card / fraud

Feb 8, 2011

I've always paid my credit card on time and I found out that salute credit card cancelled my card several months ago. I got on the phone with them to find out what was going on and they couldn't give me an answer. They still are charging me monthly maintenance fees and charging me interest. Something needs to be done with this crap company. They should be prosecuted.

Salute Credit Card / Untheical Practices


Two years ago I closed this account because they charged me an annual fee which put my credit card over the limit. I cut up the card and sent it back to them and asked them to remove the annual fee. They closed the account but took out the annual fee in increments over the next few months causing my account to be continually over the limit and each month charged me an overlimit fee of $35.00. Consequently I was always overlimit. This has been going on for two years now and I now have a balance of over $800.00 because of their charging me a monthly overlimit fee of $35.00. I have made my $30.00...

Salute Credit Card / fraud and dishonesty


A few months after obtaining the Salute credit card they increased my credit limit two consecutive months and then showed a zero credit limit. I called about no credit available and was informed that the card was closed. I stopped making payments on the account since I was told it was closed but began to receive late fees and over the limit charges on the statements. I called and was informed that they did me a favor by increasing my credit limit. When they increased the credit limit I had paid the balance owed and did not have a balance due but after charging late fees and other fees to accomodate the credit increase I ended up being billed double the increase.

Salute Credit Card - California, Lancaster / Fees


This particular credit card is charging fees after canceling my account. First they raise the limit, recently, they raised the rate. I like to pay online to make it fast and to get a confirmation number. If I paid by check, it might not make it to the office. Others have said how they've sent in checks and the company Salute, claims they did not receive it. So, I definitely do not want to send in checks. By paying online, I get a confirmation number. They cahrge $4.95 for that. One would pay $15.00 by phone, plus a monthly maintenance fee. Why r they charging a monthly maintenance fee if one...

Salute Credit Card - Wyoming / Cancelling Card issues


I was issued a credit card in 09/06...My card was canceled this last fall within a week a receiving a credit line increase to $500...I made all of my payments on time, and most of the time over the amount owed for the month... OK first slap in the face... The guy with customer service told me well you can apply for an account with Tribute Mastercard...So I did and got that card same bank basically for both... Today I received a letter stating that if I pay down my account with Salute I can get cash back up to $118...Hmmmm sounds great, if only I hadn't paid off my card on Friday...This being...

Salute Credit Card - Georgia, Atlanta / Cancel and Fees


I too recieved noticed of the cancelation of my card but was explained the bank was not actually offering that service, In other words, the bank might be out of business. However, i was credited part of my initial start up fees so you might want to check on that. My complaint is that we are still being charged a card service fee as long as we have a balance on our account even though there are no more services we can get. So we if your account was closed with a high balance your fees could add up. However now they are sending out settlement letters all open accounts. I am in the mortgage business and...

Salute Credit Card / Cancelling cards without notice


I found out today, that on Jan. 30, my credit card was terminated. This is after two days ago, receiving a letter from Salute that stated that they had increased my credit limit. I contacted the company whose customer service center was based in Central America. I was informed by the customer service representative, that the company was getting rid of the program. However, I was not provided with any other information, other than my credit will not be impacted by this (yeah, like I believe that). Anyway, I had to find out by researching the internet that this has been going on for months. I am not happy about this as I pay my balance in full every month. This company's treatment of good customers is shameful.

Salute Credit Card / BILLING ERRORS


First mid Oct. they provided the incorrect return slip/envelope for payment and sent me a letter stating so and called and if returned to forward in regular envelope which is what I did then they charged me all kinds of late fees and revoked my charging priveleges. So as soon as I got the notice of the revoke, I called and they reversed all the charges/reinstated my privelages. Just checked my credit report and they did report it as negative and they had promised that it was not reported. So now it took my score down and I am not happy. Then get charged for the annual fee and find out via very...

Salute Credit Card / Cancelling Service


They charge us an annual fee and monthly fee and know i found out they are cancelling everyones Visa acoounts it would have been nice for a notice before they cancelled everyones accounts. I wantmy money I paid to them for this credit card back.

Salute Credit Card - Texas, Midland / i was wrongfully charged for this id theft protection and would like the money you took from my account


I was wrongfully charged for this id theft protection service worth 20, 000 dollars and i would like to have the money back in my account that you took