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Rothman Furniture Complaints & Reviews

Rothman Furniture - Missouri, O Fallon Missouri / claim your reward program and rebate


I SENT A COMPLAINT TO THE MISSOURI ATTORNEY General and have not received a response from Rothman Furniture.My story is the same as all the others concerning this matter .So in regards to this I have nothing more to add. I received the same service on this rebate as all the others which is none. I to was offered a small part of what I am due if I surrender my cards and pledge not to enter into any legal action that might latter happen. I will not surrender this easy. I entered in good faith withRothman payed them with my credit card and then they didn't fulfil their part of the deal. They...

Rothman Furniture - Missouri, St Louis / furniture rebates


Rothman Furniture offered a $500.00 rebate of gas or grocery cards if a specific dollar was spent at their store. If you spent over $1, 000.00 you were eligible for both rebates. After sending in the paperwork for both rebate programs the company closed. Rothman's then offered a new program with a new company. However, the rebate was now $600.00 for groceries and $600.00 for gas rebates after you paid $9.95 for each program to enroll. That company has also now gone out of business and Rothman's is offering next to nothing to get you to sign a release. This seems very unfair since many people have been saving receipts and sending then in for over or close to a year.

Rothman Furniture / Gas and grocery rebate


We were enticed by the grocery and gas rebate promotion Rothman advertised for spending a certain amount on furniture. We were told that no negotiation of lower prices on furniture would be allowed by management during this special program because of the value being given to us by the rebate program. After we purchased furniture in may they changed the company to a new one because of complaints by consumers not receiving their rebate cards. Rothman's paid the 20.00 fee to register our claim and assured us that this company is reputable. Well it ha s been four months of mailing in receipt...