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Rodis Law Group Complaints & Reviews

Rodis Law Group / They have done nothing and are in receivership and I have no one to contact plus I am out all my cash

Jul 7, 2011

I paid these people 4.500 dollars to help me with my mortgage stuff. The mortgage company said no to a modification and so I hired what I thought was an aggressive attorney to help me with this. I am now worse off than when I started. They have done nothing and are in receivership and I have no one to contact plus I am out all my cash. I checked with the Bar Association and the man came up clean so I am going to file a complaint against Ron Rodis at the California state bar. Thats it that's my story and I have no idea how to get my money back.

Rodis Law Group / Be careful about this group

Jun 22, 2011

First of all, they claimed to be lawyers, but the ones answering phone are paralegals but they represent themselves as lawyers. Then they do nothing. Next thing you know it, you lose your home. Keep in mind, it's not their fault that I'm losing my home, but they are claiming to be able to helpl and they don't is the complaint. So be careful about this group!! You can also post complaint to Orange County Register as this is where he's register as a lawyer.

Rodis Law Group / Stay away

Jun 7, 2011

I have heard about Rodis Law Group in September 2008 I was current with my mortgage at this time AND I ANTICIPATED MY INABILITY TO PAY ANY LONGER.Than in November I have sign with them RODIS requested $3300 and stated that Law in State of California requires for me to pay total before they will be able to take any action PRIOR TO SIGNING WITH RODIS I WAS ABLE TO NEGOCIATE WITH MY BANK FROM 7 ¼ INTREST ONLY TO BE REDUCED TO 5.5% 30 YEARS FIXED AND... RODIS TOLD ME THEY WILL DO MUCH BETTER EVEN AFTER I WAS HAVING BANK OFFER IN MY HANDS READY TO BE SIGNED.. AND I DID NOT SIGN IT... Rodi...

Rodis Law Group - California, Orange / Loan Modification Scam


The Rodis Law group took my money $1, 166.00. A month later they told me that they had stopped the foreclosure on my home, They lied to me, my house was foreclosed in March 09, then they promised me they would get my house back or they would return my money, this was in March 09, To this date I have lost my house and $1, 166.00 In December, 09 I received a letter from the department of justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating Ronald Rodis and the Rodis Law Group for Mortgage modification fraud. I hope they trow the book at him ( Ronald Rodis) and that he rots in jail.

Rodis Law Group - California / stole my money


The Rodis Law group told me they could modify my loan. I paid them $3500 back in 12-09 and now they are shut down from the FTC. Mr Ron Rodis himself is a lying ###. His cell number is 714-325-4368. He owes me my $3500 since they did nothing for me other then stole my money. If anyone who reads this, we all need to file a class action law suit against this ###...The FTC need to take them to court so we can get our many back and then Ron Rodis needs to go to jail for theft. If anyone want to jump in and do a class action law suit, please count me in. my email is: [email protected]

Rodis Law Group - California / Loan Mod Rip Off


Hello all, Call me another victim of Stuart Spencer and Rodis Law Group! I first started talking with these guys back in December '08. There were many calls back and forth and Stuart Spencer really knew how to tell me what I wanted to hear. He sounded like one of the attorneys but I later learned he was the Top Sales Manager there with some sort of 'Director' title. Actually the 1st guy I talked to was Shawne Malone and he sounded like a typical salesman. Shawne didn't know anything but how to ask for my credit card number. When it became obvious that I wasn't going...

Rodis Law Group / Fraudsters and cheaters


Rodis Law Group does not do what they advertise, they take your money, do not provide any services, do not return calls, lie to you. They do not provide any followup on your case. They have been reported to the California Bar Examiners as a sham company. Keep your money and hire a real lawyer to help you save your home. Caveot Emptor!!!