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Riverstone Residential Complaints & Reviews

Riverstone Residential - Washington, Bellevue / No ethics

Oct 1, 2011

I stayed in the apartment, paid rent on time and no issues till I asked to move out. After the move out they put lot of charges on us.The management is misbehaved, never listen to you and always tell their own story. We spoke kevin parker of riverstone groups against it. I had taken the pictures after cleaning and kept them as proof. He initially told he will look into it. But after few days, he was so bad, loud and rude. He started shouting even. This is one of worst residential groups to stay.

Riverstone Residential - North Carolina, Raleigh / fraud


WOW where should i begin. Well when I moved into Millbrook Green Apt. there was two ladies Lucy the assistant manager & Paige whom was the Manager. Both of which where fired for stealing Money from the Company, and residents. With-in a few months there is a new gentle man walking around the office. A new manager. This person Never sent a formal letter to any of us to say who he was that there was new management or anything. mean while there is a New assistant hired Name Tom Dexter. so still no formal letter yet. Mean while i have been a little late paying rent because of a job change. Kevin & tom...

Riverstone Residential - Maryland, Silver Spring / Unfair Housing Practices


Let's see..Where should I start...If you want incredible incompetence, bait-and-switch tactics, and to have your signed lease contract breached for absolutely no reason, then sure, go for the Georgian. First, I was given the keys to the wrong apartment when I came to the Georgian to view a studio. The Senior Leasing Agent gave me keys and sent me, unaccompanied, to an apt. for viewing. As I'm turning the key and pushing open the apt. door, all of a sudden the door flies open from the other side and a lady, looking very startled, yelled " what are you doing' " and stated that she...

Riverstone Residential - Texas, Houston / Bad service


I live at an apartment complex. It has a four story garage attached to it. Last night a brother/guest of one of the tenants set fire to a resident's car. He didn't know the resident, but just chose his car. The fire grew and torched/totaled 2 other cars and and ruined a few others. The fire alarms in the building never went off. An alarm went off in the parking area, which no one heard as it was obscured by metal doors. The fire trucks didn't sound their alarms either. It was around 2:00am. Apparently, residents have complained to management numerous times regarding thi...

Riverstone Residential - Louisiana, Baton Rouge / Illegal business practices


It would take a book now to include all but basically they have a very extensive and continuing problem with mold that is indescribable but I try. They do not follow policy or law. They come to your door and pound on it and threaten you if you mention their mold problem. They prefer the term dust! They manage and own properties all the USA. They are now being investigated. If you have any type of complaint please email me. It can only help. My whole complaint is on My email - [email protected] A woman living in Katy, Texas filed suit against Riverstone...