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Riverstone Apartments Complaints & Reviews

Riverstone Apartments - Illinois, Bolingbrook / Parking


My girlfriends vehicle has been towed from the parking lot twice now. She works night and I have the kids at night. Both occasions her car was taken while picking up the kids. They say she has to park on Woodcreek Dr. and walk to the building. Very nice she can't park in a "parking spot" for 20 min. We have to walk down the street with two sleeping kids?? It should cost me $200.00 for her to pick up the kids!!! This place is REDICULOUS!!! I want to find out who I can contact to have this place and it's management investigated. I have photos of other vehicle not registered as riverstone residents taken 12/2/08...same day her car was taken for the 2nd time!

Riverstone Apartments - Illinois, Bolingbrook / Overall unprofessional, and unfair treatment!


This company started off fine. I believe the term is "Bait and Switch". Regardless of what your credit may be, oh yes they do want referrals, but also rely on salary caps, they will still cheat you. There practices are faulty. One instance, changes were made upon my repetitive requests, signed and dated. They refused to provide a copy of the information. Two months later they went back on their word and sent out faulty documents that were in line with their agenda, and not what was discussed and agreed upon by manager to tenant. They use tactics and make you as a consumer feel as if you need...