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Rescue Rooter Complaints & Reviews

Rescue Rooter - Utah, Salt Lake City / Totally unethical waaaay overcharged

Nov 2, 2016

I wished I would have seen the many complaints for Rescue Rooter about overcharging people before calling them. We were having a problem with water backing up in our basement. We called Rescue Rooter, they came out and said the pipes in the basement floor were rotted and needed to be replaced and said it would be $9, 200 for the work, unfortunately we signed a contract before getting another bid. Before they began the work my father in law who is a General Contractor found out and had his plumber come look at the job, his plumber said he would do the job for $800. We talked to the manager at...

Rescue Rooter - California, El Cerrito / Not honoring Warranty

Jul 19, 2015

I hired rescue rooter for unclogging my main sewer line. They came and unclogged it for $88 (BTW, they were 1 hr late). It was clogged again 4 days later. I called them again and they will not unclog until I pay another $88. When I discussed it with the technician, he said they do a partial unclog. If I want it fully unclogged it will be $800 for their jet service. Do yourself a favor and avoid this company. It is only bait and switch. I asked the technician to leave and ended up hiring a real company to do it. Although the $88 looked attractive, it ended up a total waist of money as I had to hire another company to do the job properly.

Rescue Rooter - California, San Francisco / Unethical

May 15, 2015

I was having a problem with my garbage disposal. Hector from Rescue Rooter came out, looked at it for less than a minute and told me it couldn't be repaired, but he could replace it for $463. I asked him to leave, called another plumber who unjammed it with an alan wrench at no charge. I think Rescue Rooter is totally dishonest and completely unethical. I would NEVER recommend them and would NEVER use them again.

Rescue Rooter - California, Tustin / Overcharge

Sep 16, 2014

I had a refrigerator line burst under the house. Intially the Rescue Rooter sales guy came and looked underneath the crawl space found the refrigerator line and said its a big problem I need four guys for this job and it will take all day. I was worried about the potential damage of excess water under the house so I lowered the quote to $1500. It actually took two guys, one hour and 3 feet by 1/2 inch plastic pipe to fix the problem which should've cost a maximum of $500. I spoke to the manager about why the sales rep quoted so high, could not explain themselves instead they sent an email charging $495 for" finding the source of leak" even thought its suppose to be free to come and find out whats going on.

Rescue Rooter - Utah, Salt Lake City / Overcharged

Jun 24, 2012

06/20/12 I had a problem with the upstairs master bathroom toilet which became clogged and was draining slowly. I looked in the yellow pages and found their advertisement. When I placed the call, I told the dispatcher that the only issue was that the master bathroom toilet was draining slowly. I also explained that the master bathroom tub and sink were draining fine. Additionally, I informed the dispatcher that the adjoining hallway bathroom toilet, tub and sink were draining and working fine. And lastly I explained my wife and I would be at work but we did have adult children at home. The...

Rescue Rooter - California / Overcharging-Definatly

Jul 14, 2011

I am a former employee of Rescue Rooter, and I am here to confirm all the complaints on overcharging.Every one of these complaints are justified.The fact is that they shoot for a 60% profit margin on every single thing they do.This is their goal on every single call they go to, they try to justify this by telling customers about their awsome warranty, whatever!!Every service plumbing company out there offers the same warranty.What they fail to mention is that they do have a 100% satisfaction guaranty, You can get every penny back if you're not satisfied with your service or product, but...

Rescue Rooter - California, Simi Valley / Over charging and add ons with estimate

Jul 12, 2011

I called the phone number to schedule an in home install of a garbage disp. They said hey would arrive at 2/3 PM. At 12:30pm I got a call from them saying He would be late probally 3/4pm, I agreed and said OK. At 1:30 another call ...The tech had a flat tire and would be at my house at 4:30...The tech showed up at 4:45 and I asked how much to replace the broken disposal with the same machine I had ran out a purchased. He went to his truck and came back 12 minutes later(had to ask his manager for a quote)...Here's what he quoted...$394.00 to exchange the machine but if I did it right now...

Rescue Rooter - California, Riverside / Imposed Hostage Pricing and Intimidation

Jun 26, 2011

I called Rescue Rooter to unclog a garage sink that shares a common wall w/the kitchen sink. I was quoted $475.94 for the Hydro. Somehow the Hydro got stuck on something & when he pulled it back it had root(raised foundation & pipes are under the floor not in the ground) Then they sent the camera down to see the issue, well it got "stuck" They went under the house & now the pipes are rusted from the inside out, $6179, I cant afford that, the dropped it to $4179...nope still out of my price range, they dropped it again to $3800. I reluctantly said yes. They cut the wall & a pipe, nowhere near...

Rescue Rooter / Scammers and thieves

Jun 19, 2011

Rescue rooter came to my home for a simple toilet stoppage. Within one hour, the plumber managed to break my plumbing to the point my entire plumbing system was not workable. I was without water and toilets for over 30 hours. In order to fix the problem Rescue Rooter created the plumber quoted me $10, 000 to $35, 000. He also advised me that the company offers financing, so I shouldn't worry about it! I CALLED A REPUTABLE PLUMBER AND MY REPAIR was $545, to repair what Rescue Rooter did and to fix the plumbing problem. VERY VERY SCARY. ALL PEOPLE NEED TO BE AWARE OF THIS SCAM.

Rescue Rooter / Horrible Company, swindlers!!

Feb 3, 2011

This company charged us for work that was never done. Did not give credit for coupon. Said they did a sewer scope & locate, only went 15 feet and then stopped. Then, gave us a quote for 8500 for 50-60 feet of sewer line replacement. How is that so if you stopped at 12 feet and never marked anything? Fought with several different managers, to no avail. Sleezy company with low morals and super super over priced. Save your money - go somewhere else!

Rescue Rooter - Washington, Arlington / overcharged for leak repair


My in-laws had a pipe leak on the mobile home and had Rescue Rooter come out and fix it. The repairman had to go to Home Depot to get the parts, which i think that is kind weird.He was only there for 20 min.and charged them $500.00. I really think that they were prayed apon being that they are seniors.On top of that they still had another leak and he said that it would be another $500.00. This is an outright RIPPOFF!!! I WILL BE SPREDDING THE WORD TO EVERYONE I KNOW AND ALL MY FAMILY!!! Thanks, Devin Spooner

Rescue Rooter - California, San Diego / huge quote for unnecessary work


Had a really slow drain, Rescue Rooter failed to open it (actually completely plugged it instead). So, after paying $300, and them spending 2 hours at my house, they gave up on it, and quoted me for services including installing a bypass outside my home, jackhammers, digging, tree removal... all said, about $5500 to complete. I called Gator Plumbing instead, they cleared the drain for $100. Saved me about $5400! I will NEVER call Rescue Rooter again.

Rescue Rooter - Oregon, Portland / Totally Dishonest


These people are almost not worth my time in doing this but I just had to warn other potential victims. These people are dishonest, manipulative, deceptive, and outright appalling to deal with. After contracting them to do a seemingly simple job these idiots proceeded to try and "up sell" us to have all this other non-essential work done. They made it seem like we would be fined by the state or something for not having our plumbing "up to code." Apparently our pipes were a ticking time bomb and our water heater was seconds away from bursting into flames. (not actually the case) A second quote...

Rescue Rooter - Oregon, Portland / Not honest and could call them a theft


I have never posted such complaint on internet as I felt it would never justify my time to do it. But this time, I feel i do have the obligation to tell everyone to stay away this company. I had none-urgent issue on shower fiversion valve. I called their office. the receptionist was very nice and she confirmed that the trip to the property was free and I woudl have no obligation to use them after they gave me the quote. They did send a guy very quickly to the property. He took the part out and I told him it was O-ring problem and they needed to be replaced per my research on the internet. He agreed...

Rescue Rooter - Washington, Spanaway / Overcharging


12/14/09 was below freezing. After many days of below freezing temps 24 hrs a day, a pipe to my washing machine in the garage split. A very small hole but it did a lot of damage. I called Rescue Rooter. So many customers that it meant I had to wait a while. While waiting, I turned off the water to my house. Released all pressure from my hot water heater after I turned the breaker off. I removed all of the sheetrock around the leak. I made everything ready for the repair person. The repair required cutting out and replacing a total of 8" of copper pipe. Putting insulation sleeve around same and...

Rescue Rooter - Oregon / pushy, left a mess


I called Rescue Rooter to come out and fix a clogged toilet, and nothing more. Two guys showed up--one to do the dirty work, and his foreman who spent the next half-hour "inspecting" my home and coming up with a laundry list of repairs that he deemed essential. They ranged from a new toilet ($650) to completing replumbing the house ($5200), plus installing a water purifier ($4300). When I was reluctant, they brought out the scare tactics--told me that the chlorine in the water that I'm drinking is causing my kidneys to fail and possibly giving me cancer! They saw how attached to my pets I...

Rescue Rooter - Colorado / Attempted Ripoff


This company tried to sell me $8000 of plumbing line repairs by telling me, based on seeing one tiny little root, that my sewer line had failed and needed to be replaced. This was after I told them repeatedly that the back up I had and they they responded to was the first line back up I had in over 10 years. I ended up paying another company to come out, roto-root the line and put a camera down -- line is clean -- cost me $250. I later found out that Rescue Rooter's field personnel work on commission so they are hot to sell you unnecessary and very expensive repairs. If they tell you...

Rescue Rooter - Texas, Houston / OVER-PRICING


Please read all: My story with a pumber who over-charged for a faucet replacement: Last night, I came home to find out that my kitchen faucet is leaking. This is the first time that I have encountered a plumbing problem in my new 5-years old house. So I called “Rescue Rooters” in Houston TX to get an estimate. They told me that a plumber will show up the next day between 8:30 am and 9 am. So I had to call in (to my work) and take couple of hours off, waiting for the plumber’s arrival, who showed up at 10:30 am. Once in, he checked the kitchen’s faucet for the leak and...

Rescue Rooter - California, Camari / Horrible Price Gouging


I called Rescue Rooter for a toilet back-up. I have an odd drain vent to 2 toilets thanks to a previous owners enterprising plumbling skills but have had success with a simple snaking in the past. The first charge was close to $300 for a snake, which the tech could not get into the right pipe. Next came the $575 camera which showed that the pipe split to the 2 toilets was a V and he still couldn't feed the camera into the correct pipe for the problem toilet. The price than went to $2200 to break open my concrete front porch and install a new vipe vent to access the 2nd line. This I...

Rescue Rooter - California, San Leandro / overcharged for trenchless


the guy came out to snake my front line, for 350.00 dallars. He said he could only get out so far. and for an additional 390.00 dallars he could put the camara down to see where it was broke. When that was done the estament came out to 13.600.00. when that was cleared and the camara put down again the line was supposedly broke at the main. that cost 6.800.00. I came to find out from friends at church that the job should have only been around 6.000.00 to the most 8, 000, 00 .