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Aug 8, 2012

You pay thousands of dollars for a one month campaign. They promised you 24/7, Nationwide, top spots on Google and yahoo...They only advertise your keywords from 8AM-4PM LOCALLY for the first couples of day after signing contract then STOP. You should advertise directly with Google and Yahoo. It's very easy and a lot cheaper! Don't trust me, search for Remove Your Name Rip-off or Complaint and view others messages. Don't be fooled by their promises, RemoveYourName is a big scam. - Michigan, Novi / Warning to future customers!

Ta also took my money and refuse to answer phone calls. They completed part of the request, but did not finsh. When you call, their message states "satisfaction guaranteed" but they never call you back, respond to emails, or anything. I DO NOT RECOMMEND this company. Apparently, all the online reputation enhancement companies are fraudulent. I guess the better choice is to just deal with the negative press rather than give your money away to a scam company. / are a total ripoff


I have a complaint posted by one of my competitors that try to ruin my business and I turned to Remove your name to push it back. They said that if I pay them $5000 for two months they will push that complaint into the 5th page. I paid them the first month and nothing happened. When I called them, they said that it will take some more time and I should pay for the second month. I did this too and now I still don't see anything; the complaint is still there, even higher now. Removeyourname won't answer the phone and won't return my money. I want to warn people not to trust these guys as they are scammers. / Rip off

Sa used telemarketing to contact our company and used high pressure sales to get us to spend over $7000 and a fake GURANTEEED first page ranking above some negative listings that we had, DO NOT LISTEN. They are scammers, they literary stole $7000 from us for 2 months! Do not be a victim, if it is too good to be true, IT IS. We are seeking legal advice against Remove Your Name and hopefully will put them out of business and in jail soon so they will not be able to make any other victims. They did no work that I can even see and I almost got fired for hiring them. - California, San Francisco / Removeyourname is a Complete Fraud!

Be Removeyourname is a Complete Fraud! Beware of Remove your name Their service is a complete fraud as they promise to remove [redacted]s from the first pages on Google and Yahoo, however all they do is provide the consumer with a Google local or Yahoo local listing, which they can provide themselves absolutely free by taking 5 minutes out of their day to fill out a quick form. They told me nothing but lies and did not get one link above any of the negative links that I had They just took my money $2995.00 Beverly San Francisco