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QT Complaints & Reviews

QT - Georgia, Griffin / atm in griffin ga; taken out money when I haven’t gone to any bank or atm

Sep 14, 2018

Yesterday afternoon I went to QT in McDonough to buy something to drink that coasted 1.27 then I left from QT to go home but when i got home I checked my comdata acount and it said that I had 33 and so I called to complain but no one could give me a sright answer bc I know that amount was wrong bc I'm supposed to have at least 209 in my account and I don't know how or who had my information when I had my information on me at all times yesterday but I just want the money back on my card ASSAP

QT - Texas, Saginaw / gas pump

Apr 19, 2018

Gas pump shuts off over $1.00 before purchsed price. This has continued at same store after Ive complained once. Have compared it to other stores & their pumps @ Valero shuts off.25c before purchase price. QT on 820/Rufe Snow shuts off.50c before purchase price. It's a problem when it's over $1.00! My car is small @ cost $5.00 for ea quarter of tank. When I purchased $15.00 my car registered @ just 1/2 tank instead of 3/4 of tank. Am unhappy & feel ripped off over & over. I've brought this complaint to customer service yet the issue is not resolved.

QT - North Carolina, Concord / cashier/clerk

Aug 19, 2017

Stopped in QT in Concord NC Hwy 601 Went in to buy some dip-Red Seal. I buy it by the roll and they are usually in a drawer or on top of the case. The clerk was not finding it and I suggested that it was wrapped in the yellow paper, he turned and and angrily stayed "That's wintergreen" He continued to huff and grunt while looking. I sat my drink down and said he can keep the drink, that he was not very nice. I then did use profanity at that time. And let him know he may be in the wrong job. A young female then arrived assist me. She went straight to the area and found the red seal dip. This same...