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Pure Energy Products Complaints & Reviews

Pure Energy Products / Unbelievable


Pure Energy Products, Inc.: Sounds like the same stor(ies). Received 'trial pills'. Got the bank stmt. noticed about $150 debited out of the account without authorization. Contacted the company, we were given a reference number to contact the people of this company. Which we did, wrote three letters. The letters were somehow illegally opened. Sealed backed up, one of the letter stated wrong address, needed P.O. Box number. The next letter was opened up, sealed, sent back with the comment of wrong zip code. Same hand writing in black ink, same handwritten style, unbelievable! My...

Pure Energy Products / Fraudulent charge


Also was charged $149.95 fraudulently after receiving the sample for $4.95. I was stupid to give cc #. I contacted my bank, who said if I couldn't prove I did not receive the product(I refused the package) They could not reverse the charges, and to contact the company, 'Pure Energy Products'. Now I can't even find their website. Now I received a note from a collections agency saying they are after me for an additional $67.50. No explanation as to what I am being charged for, just a bill. So, now I have the pleasure of spending more of my time dealing with this Bull*&^%$%^&* They...

Pure Energy Products / Absolute scam!


I also ordered the FREE trial (the key word being FREE). It is definitely not free. After ordering the product, I tried to contact them to get some more info on autoship, if there was any, and how much the product was. An 800 number on my bank statement had a recording asking that all questions be sent to the email address ([email protected]) on my email receipt. I sent 3 messages to this email with no response. I then was charged $149.95 .... you know the rest of the story. This happened in January 2007. The 800 number on the $149.95 charge was a different number than the one for the...

Pure Energy Products / Charged my bank card without consent


I ordered a sample of thin tabs for the price of shipping about a month ago. I received it but just here recently my card was charged $149.95. I never ordered any thing from them or I never got any thing. That was my bank account. I don't know what to do about it. I tried calling them at the number that showed on my bank statement 1-877-777-5929, but just got a recording to leave my name and number and a brief message and the would get back in the order it was received. I called back a little later on. Still nothing. I don't know if there's any thing I can do. Do you have a suggestion for me?

Pure Energy Products / Fake terms and conditions, cancellation problems


I received a pop up for a product for 4.95, diet pills. I received a 15 day supply and 2 weeks later received 2 bottles of the same product without my asking or consent. When I complained to they said that I signed up for this, terms and conditions. There were no terms and conditions and I told them I want this cancelled. I am calling my credit card so no charges will be applied but this company should be reported they are scam artists.

Pure Energy Products / Pure Energy products is a pure rip off!


Pure Energy Products, pure rip off. I ordered a sample 4.95 for a weight loss product. I took the pills about 4 days even halfing them the last 2 days with the effect that they could kill me. 20 days later I get a package in the mail,had to sign for it,with more product. Checked my charge card to find 149.95 had been charged on it. There was no type of paperwork in the package to even say were it was charged or why. I called the # on the bottle, the only place you could find it. 1-888-527-0870 and talked to a man named Byron. He was rude and arrogant. Said there were no refunds and if I...