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Pronto Insurance Complaints & Reviews

Pronto Insurance / Auto insurance claim

May 02, 2014

Pronto Insurance is by far the worst insurance company we have ever dealt with! We were hit by someone that is covered by Pronto and it was 100% their fault. Pronto did not dispute fault but took OVER 3 weeks to fix our vehicle and now is refusing to cover the full amount of the rental. We have documentation that proves they were the ones that delayed the repair due to "under staffing" (their words to us)!!! Now they are not taking responsibility for the rental expenses we incurred due to their inability to get an adjuster in a timely manner and their inability to submit payment to the body...

Pronto Insurance - Texas, Brownsville / failure to pay for damages

May 07, 2012

This is concerning an car accident and claim that was opened up in November of 2011. After towing the vehicle to BMW Dallas branch for repair we had to wait for Pronto insurance to send out an appraiser to come look at the vehicle before work could be started and before BMW would issue an rental that I could drive. After it taking a while for the appraiser to come out... he did take note that the vehicle was lop sided and sustained damage to the wheel. the shop service repair employee whom met with the appraiser informed the appraiser that the vehicle needed to be lifted up and assessment of...

Pronto Insurance - Texas, Houston / Pronto Auto Insurance Claims

Jul 19, 2011

Unbelievable! Worst insurance company ever! I was rear-ended by a pronto insured vehicle. A man, Jeroderick Allenx was driving the can and his wife was the passenger. Pronto insurance policy is in the wife’s name. Since the husband wasn’t on the policy they said he didn’t have permission to drive the car. Didnt have permissions? They were both in the car! That doesnt make any sence. They denied the claim. That is so messed up. Somebody needs to do something about this insurance company. I am hiring a lawyer and reporting them to the Texas insurance board.

Pronto Insurance / No good

Jun 22, 2011

I agree with all of these complaints.. I was involved in an accident back in january of this year and up to now Pronto hasnt paid for anything. Their insured was at fault, and they refuse to pay my insurance company back. After trying to get them to cut me a check ( which was a rip off ) I was forced to file a claim with my insurance, now they are fighting to get it back because this lame company cant do their job right and they dont want to pay. Everyone beware of this insurance company, they do not have good service at all, and everything these customers are saying is very true! Pronto...