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Pro Lead Services Complaints & Reviews

Pro Lead Services - Nevada / Insurance Leads


I purchased insurance leads from "Pro Lead Services". I was told to fax over a check and I would receive my leads. Not true after several days of NO LEADS, I called and they said their systems were down, yeah right...they e-mailed my leads. I started to call A.S.A.P., TO COME TO FIND OUT, every lead i called were not interested and never responded to a survey, which I was told by "Pro Lead Services" every lead was contacted. Also, all the leads were DISCONNECTED NUMBERS, AND FAX NUMBERS. sO, i CONTACTED THEM and asked for my money back and got the run around and transfered to different people...

Pro Lead Services - Florida, Sunrise / Fake Insurance Leads


STAY AWAY FROM PRO LEAD SERVICES. THEY ARE AN EVIL AND UNETHICAL COMPANY THAT SELLS FAKE INSURANCE / AUTO / ATC / ANNUTITY LEADS AND DO NOT ISSUE REFUNDS AS PROMISED. I recently had the very unpleasant experience of dealing with Pro Lead Services (Sunrise, FL), a company that sells insurance leads and back them up with a 100% money back guarantee. I ordered two mailing lists for two of my clients. Virtually 90% of the phone numbers were disconnected and when I went to get my guaranteed refund, they didn't return calls/emails/letters, and now hang up the phone when I call and identify...

Pro Lead Services / Cheating company


Incident = I purchased 500 leads for $840. All the leads were cold calls, but were advertised as qualified leads of people who are interested in buying life insurance. I have discovered and have proof that the company is a scam. They have a guarantee which which is a lie. I called every person on the list they gave me. The people I called were supposed to receive a pre qualifying letter in the mail, (which I received a copy of as well) in turn they were supposed to call the number on the mail literture And then they would be qualifed to see if they were candidates for insurance. If they were...