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Prima Seal Complaints & Reviews

Prima Seal / Watch on TV - Wednesday @ 10pm June 20th FOX 5


I just wanted everyone to know that Prima Seal will be on the 10pm news this Wednesday June 20th FOX 5. If anyone has NOT received there money yet, you WONT. John from Channel Five News found out that Brad owes 250k throw another window company back in 1997. I was surprised Brad mailed us our money back and we are very thankful he did, but what Brad did to my husband and I is WRONG! Please everyone continue to go through civil actions and what is needed to be done. Brad is still no in prison and most likely will not be until the cases keep building. Thank you.

Prima Seal / Fraud business practices!


In october 2006, I ordered 9 windows from prima seal & had them installed. The installation was near may of this year I ordered 10 windows, plus vinyl siding from ken alderfer & gave $5,375 as a deposit. I was given the 3-4 week ordering time, which they adhered to in october. Needless to say, I began getting the run around from brad scott with the already used excuses of phone troubles, sickness, tied up on another job. At this point, he's run out of excuses & doesn't even pick-up the phone. I've spoken to "stuttering ken" (or whatever that speach impediment is) 2x & was told he...

Prima Seal / Took my money and ran


I signed a contract on 3-21-07 for new siding at a cost of $16,000.00 I gave Ken my deposit of $ 5300.00 and was told they would start with in 6 weeks. I thought this was about right due to the weather and scheduling times. I finally was able to contact Brad Scottaka Brad Sores and worked it out, so I thought. They were to start on Friday 6-8-07. No one showed of course and no phone calls. Now they machine will not even answer. I hate to admit it but I AM THE BIGGEST FOOL OF ALL, to believe this company had any integrity or honor. STAY AWAY!!! I turned it over to my lawyer, hopefully he can do something. Thanks Brad There is a sucker born everyday.

Prima Seal / Stole $1250!


I wish I found this site before I agreed to do business with Prima Seal. On April 18 a salesman, Ken Alderfer, came to our house and sold us replacement windows, giving us the same business is slow right now routine that he gave others on this site. Ken said some one would be out in a week to measure the windows, no one called or came. We called the company and got Brad Scott eventually and he said he was sick and hasn't been able to call us yet. He did make an appointment - that no one showed up to twice - excuses were plumbing issues in the warehouse, and that they were there but no one...

Prima Seal / Close Prima seal down! They are a scam company!


I Wanted to let every customer know that Prima Seal is unethical and has fraudulent business practices. After completing an online questionnaire for replacement windows on the Andersen Windows website, we were contacted by Prima Seal for a free, in-home consultation. On February 7th, 2007, I was visited by Ken Alderfer, home improvement specialist, for Prima-Seal. During his visit, Ken explained the benefit of using Sunrise Windows over other competitors such as Andersen Windows, Pella, etc. Because my wife and I have never heard of Sunrise Windows, Ken provided us with a sales brochure...

Prima Seal / Highly recommend to stay away from Prima Seal


On January 13th I met with the sales rep Paul Wexler and ordered 10 replacement windows 2 of which were custom. I gave my deposit in good faith as I had used them a few years ago at another house we owned. We were very happy with their work and prompt service. I gave my 1/3 deposit on this date, windows were measured a couple of weeks later (delayed that also) and I have made numerous calls to prima seal about installation and the date. I was told by Brad Scott that the windows were held up because of the "Garden Window" which is a custom item. He would call in a week and let me know when it...

Prima Seal / They do not honor their timing and promises


Prima Seal showed disrespect to its customer and lack of professionalism by breaching the verbal agreement regarding the timing of the job, multiple misleading statements of the company owner Brad regarding the starting time of the job, and multiple failures to update me on the status of the job when those updates were requested. The first week of February, Prima Seal representative Ken and I signed the contract on the siding job, in presence of two witnesses. Ken told us multiple time that the company needs the job to be done as soon as possible as they did not have winter contracts and the...

Prima Seal / Failure to provide service


Prima Seal took a 33% deposit in early January of 2007, promising to install 9 replacement windows within 6 weeks. Two months later, I received a phone call from their supplier, SunRise windows, informing me that Prima Seal had ordered windows but not paid for them. SunRise indicated that they have windows from hundreds of customers of Prima Seal. Three months after receiving my deposit, Prima Seal doesn't answer my calls and have made no effort to arrange to make things right. The company is based in Catasaqua, PA. The president calls himself Brad Scott and the salesman is named Ken...