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I have also been a victim of this damn website. They all lie about their picks. I bought picks twice, both times they were losers, and both times the handicappers were there on the Forum the next day bragging that they won last night's game?! They didn't! I know because I bought their picks and bet on the game and lost the very game they said they won!!! This was so frustrating! Yes, Vegas-Runner was one of the handicappers. He is the worst. So I tried to write a forum post about my experience but the azzholes at wouldn't let me post my Forum topic. gets a large... / False Forums

Da is a scam. It's not even really a forum. It's mostly lame handicappers trying to sell their picks to unsuspecting readers. It works like this. A handicapper will write a post about his picks and how everyone should buy them, then the same guy, under a different username, will say how great his picks are, then another Username will say "Good Luck, you've been on fire lately", etc. All the while, its one guy trying to suckers to buy his picks. VegasRunner is infamous for this. (Goodfella & VegasRuner are the same person. VegasRunner has about 15 Usernames) It wouldn't be so...