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Phoenix Ice Cream Plant Complaints & Reviews

Phoenix Ice Cream Plant - Arizona, Phoenix / work atmosphere

Apr 10, 2018

I ran into this complaint board by mistake. I am a former employee that quit. This place is a joke. Greg Esquer most like does not have a degree, or needs some training in employee relations. Mr. Brown is also another joke that tends to lay the blame on others for his own mistakes. I can go on and an, but I'm not going to waste my time on that company anymore. There is a reason so many temps do not want to work there as regular full-time employees, and go elsewhere. [censor], some of my ex-coworkers were looking for other jobs like I was when I was there. This place needs new management in all areas. Perhaps they should be replaced by Albertson's staff since they merged.

Phoenix Ice Cream Plant - Arizona, Phoenix / everything

Aug 22, 2012

The same thing that obamarule said, not to mention they're scandalous and shady too. I had something they wanted from my previous job that was of higher quality and they wanted me to see if I can obtain it still so they wouldn't have to buy them. Stop being cheap!!! Not to mention I got terminated for something someone else did and when they escorted me out they said it was really my attitude. I didn't want to transfer to nights so I had an attitude because they said "You will go where we put you". If I knew they were this way, I would have accepted a better job I turned down...

Phoenix Ice Cream Plant - Arizona, Phoenix / safeway inc


Safeway Ice cream plant in phoenix it has been one of the worse places to work in my entire life as a worker, because they don`t appreciate your job as an employee and they treat you with so mach harassment than I never seen something like this before I`m going to tell you everything in a few words for( 0 to 10 I gave them -10 is that simple.)