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Oct 19, 2014

People, avoid the scamming website I placed order and paid for the fat delivery, but these jerks provided fault order. I called them and sent emails, and after that they agreed to change it, but I waited 3 weeks. I haven’t heard from them, the seller simply avoided me and haven’t provided any info about it. The services are the worst and the seller is irresponsible, so share this info. / Won't use them again

Oct 22, 2012

I typed in cat scratchers made in usa and the Kong brand was among the choices listed. When I received them on the back it stated "Manufactured in China." Disappointing! Also, the only reason they were delivered was because I asked the Fedex delivery person if they had my package, which he did BUT he was about to return it because it has my name but no street address! Won't use them again. / I will NOT be using Pet Mountain again

May 08, 2012

I will NOT be using Pet Mountain again! Horrible shipping experience. They say "shipping on orders before noon" FALSE-waited over 24 hours before they even requested a tracking # from Fed Ex. Another package was sent to LA when both of us are in San Diego and should only take 1 day. It's going on 4 days! oh yeah, don't even bother trying to get a hold of someone through customer service. ha!