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Overnight Genius Complaints & Reviews

Overnight Genius / Unethical business practices


I ordered the "free" EBay Tutorial. I didn't realize that I'd agreed to a monthly subscription to other tutorials. I'd started doing a lot of traveling and had many charges on my credit card. I didn't notice the charges from Overnight Genius and the ensueing deliverys of more unwanted or needed tutorial. I'd also ordered some discs through a credit card rewards program and thought that these were from them. Last month I saw the charge on my credit card and got another tutorial. I called and was told I would be cancelled and just send back the one I had for credit. A...

Overnight Genius - Colorado, Boulder / Total fraud


I am writing to complain about this business. I ordered software for $1.95 postage and handling, which I received. I did not realize it was a 10-day trial, and there was nothing in the packaging indicating that it was a trial, or that there was a time limit for returning it. Since I had other things on my mind, I did not return it within that time, and about a month later I received another package from Overnight Genius. Now I had given them my credit card # when I ordered the $1.95 package, and discovered the following month when I received a third package, that I had been charged about $80...

Overnight Genius - Maryland, Baltimore / Unauthorized charge on my credit card!


I bought cd courses for free, I had to pay only $4.31 for shipping on my credit card on 02/28/08. When I was looking at my bank account online on 04/08/08 I found out a charge of $76.41 from this company with out my authorization and order.

Overnight Genius / Unauthorized billing!


I too ordered a complete 3 disc set on Mastering E-bay from Overnight Genius for $4.95 shipping. There was nothing in the Terms & Conditions saying I had ten days to look it over. When I checked my bank account, Overnight Genius charged me $76.41, I called them to tell them I haven't even opened the box yet and would like to send it back and get a FULL refund, I was told NOT to send the discs back and that there would be no refund no matter what. I was basically told over the phone that I was ROYALLY SCREWED out of my money. I think we all should SUE these ba***rds together!