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Onlingo Complaints & Reviews

Onlingo - Iowa / Rip Off

Stupid me, I responded to one of the "free computer" ads, and of approx. 150 ads available, I selected On Lingo and another. On Lingo sent me a disc of $4.95 plus $1.oo shipping. Imagine my surprise when my credit card should a billing of $84.75 from their company. In calling to protest, it two weeks of calling to finally get through. They said they had already shipped other discs and I was basically SOL even though I said I was not interested, did not want the program and wanted my money back. It's not "their" problem who runs the adverstisement or that it's a rip off. I have sent...

Onlingo - Maryland / Customer service

So I ordered this product and realized I didnt want it after I saw the outragous prices that they charge. So while I was still within the trial period I called and canceled my supscription, and recieved an email stating that it was cancelled and I wouldnt be billed any other charges. 2 weeks later they go ahead and charge my card the 79.95. I call them that day and ask them why my card was charged and they stated that I had agreed to keep the product. I told them that I was looking at the email stating that I had cancelled the subcription, and then asked to talk to the supervisor. She then...

Onlingo / No refunds issued


Were not willing to issue refund when product returned within specified time. Absolutely unwilling to work with customers. Shoddy business, at best.

Onlingo - California, San Francisco / Unauthorised Charges


I got cought up with Onlingo as well from the internet marketing ploys. I made a trial of their product and oredered a CD. Returned before the deadline. Made a call to them confirming if they got -Yes . I asked to cancel any future CD - "OK YES it's canceled" I said Not interested. Paid all the shipping charges about $12 total. This is where all these companies make a Quick $$ -shipping charges. Now after cancelations I get another invoice for a CD that they send me and failed to cancel it. Once again I will incurr shipping charges for returning the pck. Shammmmmmmmm wowwwww

Onlingo - Virginia / No Customer Service


I tried out onlingo because of their free trial. Sure enough, I wasn't impressed and was very glad I only had to pay for shipping back and forth and not the entire $69.95. So I sent it back with the RMA number plastered in tall permenant marker numbers on multiple sides. Imagine my surprise when I was still charged the full $69.95 a few weeks later. When I called they say they never got it back and since I didn't pay the extra to require a signature I have no proof I mailed it so they won't refund the money. After arguing for quite awhile they still would only to agree to refund $50...

Onlingo - California, Suisun City / Dishonest Business


I can tell you from experience that the only way to deal with this company is to dispute the charges with your credit card company!!!!! I also got some direct phone numbers....thier parent company is Syndero located in San Francisco. You can speak with thier CEO Brad Klaus and explain the poor service you have received from his so called CS dept. I also found the name of thier VP of "Customer Service" Corri Tanner on thier web site, however he is never available and I was told by "Merredeth" that he does not speak to customers--EVER!!! Wow....what service Mr. Tanner! I did get his personal...

Onlingo / Spanish System Works!

I read complaints about the marketing channel, not about the product! I've finished level 1 of Spanish and have order level 2 to contine. Easy to use and works great! GrettaV

Onlingo / Unable to cancel subscription

This company cannot be contacted by phone as they claim. I want to cancel my subscription on the same day I ordered it.