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One Stop Motors Complaints & Reviews

One Stop Motors / Sell my motorhome

Phil Martin on Apr 18, 2014

I used this company with the understanding that my motorhome will sell in no time. I put it on their site in Sept.2013, heard nothing from one stop motors. I try to check monthly on m y motorhomes ad and notice there is no ads on for class c motorhomes. They say the ad is temporiarly unavailable. I e-mailed them regarding this problem but they don't seem to want to answer me, I guess because they are not receiving any funds to reply. Once they have your money, too bad sucker.

One Stop Motors - Nevada, Las Vegas / No longer have my car

bankskenny on Sep 11, 2012

If you are looking to sell or buy a vehicle One Stop Motors is the way to go. I had a 2008 Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide for sell And one stop motors was able to get it sold within a month. After selling my bike i was able to use that money to pay off some bills. I also purchased a vehicle from there inventory. I needed financing and they were able to help me. thank toy One Stop Motors.

One Stop Motors / Scammed me out of a thousand dollars

Riolde on Nov 3, 2011

I had 2 vehicles for sale. I was contacted by One stop motors to advertise them nationwide on the internet promising me they were legit and that if they didn't sell them within 180 days they would GUARANTEE all my money back 100%. They walked me through the entire process and talked me into giving them $1000 then once they got my money it was one problem after another. The listed the wrong years, they didn't post the pictures I sent, they promised it would be in a magazine called "Deals on wheels" but the ads were NOT in there. Only one was on the site not both then they FINALLY got...

One Stop Motors / Do NOT deal with these people

Unhappy Buyerz2 on Jul 3, 2011

I listed my truck with One Stop Motors and gave them $499. They did absolutely nothing to help sell my vehicle, other than post the pictures I sent them on their website. Craigslist or any other legitimate auto trading website would have been more effective AND would have saved me a lot of cash. I contacted them to express my displeasure and ask them to do more, but they told me "sorry" and kept my $499. OneStopMotors is a SCAM, and I hope those jerks end their predatory "business" practices. SCAM!

One Stop Motors - Nevada, Las Vegas / Scam


Total scam. They'll tell you they can sell your car for much more than you're asking but you'll never get an inquiry and you'll never sell your car. They'll just take your money and disapear. SCAM!!! I mean, come on, the "manager's" name is Micheal J. They don't even give out his last name!!! Do me a favor and send him all types of viruses and spam to [email protected]

One Stop Motors / If any one is considering using this company, don't


We got a call form them to sell our Maserati, they made all the promises that it would sell very fast. All we had to do is pay $500, and they would look after the rest. Joke Joke After we signed up for this scam, they kept calling us to purchase their program, which we had done. They couldn't even keep track of their customers. When I called in for an update, they wouldn't return our calls, then said they didn't get the message, if that is the case they need to get a better phone system. When I called to speak to the president of the company, they said they didn't know hi...

One Stop Motors - Nevada, Las Vegas / Ripped me off $1000!

One stop motors contacted me to advertise 2 cars I have for sale saying they did such a great job selling and that if they DIDN'T sell my cars within 180 days, they would give me a FULL REFUND. I paid them the $1000 they asked in order to do it. WHAT A MISTAKE!! They didn't put the correct year on the ad, they promised it would be put in a magazine called "deals on wheels" (It wasn't) they didn't put the right pictures on the ad etc. It took several emails and phone calls to get everything right. Then after the 180 were up and my vehicles did not sell, I did EXACTLY what...

One Stop Motors - Nevada, Las Vegas / Frauds


1. They're not an auto dealer! They're an illegal telemarketing company. 2. The President of (Robert William Wilder) is a convicted rapist who did 7 yrs in NV prison. ###, from the top to the bottom. 3. They lie, cheat and steal for a living, of course they don't give refunds! 4. They photoshopped their logos onto the photo of their supposed office in Vegas, it doesn't exist. 5. They've had over 200 phone numbers to stay ahead of caller ID blocking from those they illegally harass. 6. The owner writes fake reviews all over the internet and screws up by using wrong user names and obvious errors. Like all ###, he's an idiot!!!

One Stop Motors - Nevada, Las Vegas / One Stop Motors under FCC investigation

One Stop Motors Investigation by Federal Communications Commission as of April 2009 In the matter of One Stop Motors, Inc. Apparent Liability for Forfeiture File No. EB- 07-TC-809 File No. EB- 07-TC-981 NAL/Acct. No. 200932170961 FRN: 0018740506 NOTICE OF APPARENT LIABILITY FOR FORFEITURE Adopted: April 30, 2009 Released: May 1, 2009 By the Chief, Enforcement Bureau: INTRODUCTION In this Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture (“NAL”)1, we find that One Stop Motors, Inc. (“One Stop Motors”)2 apparently willfully or repeatedly violated section 227 of the...

One Stop Motors - Nevada / Great Service


I am a current happy employee at One Stop Motors, and I have not been instructed by anyone to write this. I am not in sales so writing this has no benefit on my paycheck I just have read some posted blogs by some former employees who were let go for very good reasons. I think it’s amazing the amount of time a person will put into trying to destroy a reputable company’s reputation. I think that says a lot about one’s character, and possible problems of employing such a person. I see One Stop Motor employees doing their best to provide the best method of advertising to sell...

One Stop Motors / Terrible company


I think people need to realize just how big OSM Advertising is and how many customers they have. When you have 100, 000 customers and have 3 or 4 people complaining they didn't sell their car, it really doesn't paint a true picture of that company. Everybody wants to complain when things don't go well but no one wants to complement a company when they have a great experience. Not only did I sell my car with OSM advertising but my brother sold his as well on OSM four years ago. I got exactly what I wanted for my car and he got even more than he wanted. It did take a little time...

One Stop Motors / Scammed $500 from me


I had my Harley on the web, One stop Motors called and said they could get top dollar, much more than what I had on the web. The sales man was smooth and said he was being taped so if there was anything he was saying that was not true it could be reviewed by his superiors. His boss or so called boss promised the world and said they sold many bikes just like mine for much more money. Kept calling and even said "as soon as your bike is listed, stay next to your phone to talk with our customer service reps to field all of the phone buyers" five months and lowered price down to where I wa...

One Stop Motors / Greatest scam


I had this guy called Matt which promised me that he could sell my car for $1000 dollars more than what I asked, for but of course he wanted for me to pay him $300 for marketing purposes (yea right). So I told him that if he sold my car for $1000 more he could just get his costs of the sales price. When he found himself cornered and without any argument he became rude. Whatever you do never give out your credit card number to these thieves. They give you absolutely no guarantees. I looked them up in Nevada’s better business bureau, and they are not even a member. Further more they have...

One Stop Motors - Nevada, Las Vegas / Lies and cheating!


When they say it is too good to be true, you should run the other way. I was so taken in by the promises and the charm of these people, we had listed our car at 13,000 and they said if we pay 500.00 they would be able to sell it for about 15,500. And then we were told different time frames, one month and even two weeks. I talked to customer service and they said, oh this car will sell quickly, low miles, good condition, it is rare for us to have a car longer than two months, cause it costs us money when they don't move. It has been over four months, never a follow up call from them, when I...