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NickJr / Bring Old NickJr Back

Mar 15, 2012

Hi, my name is Jamecia and up until February of 2012 I would and my son included, would watch NickJr everyday We were home. And now I can't seem to keep my TVs on NickJr anymore. There was once a time when We would fall asleep at night with that channel. But now it's not really worth watching anymore. It's not that educational anymore and it's not a variety of shows on anymore. The only shows I see are bubble guppies, Olivia, Dora The explorer, Diego, Max and Ruby, and if we're not already sleep by then We could catch yo gabba gabba, Ni hao, kai-lan ABS wow wow wubzy...

NickJr / TV Programming

Oct 03, 2012

Recently Nick Jr did some programming changes and its not very likely for any parent to sit and watch a "mommy" show where you hear foul language. Going from a rated G programming channel to a pg-13 is unacceptable. My son has been falling asleep crying because there is no longer any shows for him to watch at night. We usually set the channel on Nick Jr for him to watch and to fall asleep to. Now its nothing but "mommy" programming that is the least interesting to myself or to my husband. Pls reconsider in changing it back to the shows my son and im sure, 100's of children miss!!!

NickJr / Inappropriate shows for children

Nov 16, 2014

I am absolutely upset that someone made the decision to have nick mom start after 10pm on the NICKJR network! During nick mom there are shows and movies that aren't suitable for a child under the age of 16 in my opinion. I am a parent that monitors what my children watch but I don't think a network called "NICKJR" should show anything unsuitable for young children at any time of the day. I truly feel that there will be a lot more negative responses for this terrible decision.