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NetPDL Complaints & Reviews

NetPDL / Fraud

Aug 21, 2014

This online payday loan company is a fraud they do not have a physical address and as far as i know they also do not have a license, I have requested 2 times now for them to stop all ACH withdrawls from my b ank account and I have been ignored both times they continue to take the money and I am out $174.00 now just for interest alone so they say. I wnat my money back and them to leave me alone and go away and be stopped.

NetPDL / They stole my money

Apr 03, 2014

I registered on the website of the company NetPDL and wanted to get loan from them. I communicated with the agent and he told that they would provide the loan. I needed to transfer the secure deposit, which was about $500. I paid money and never got the loan. The agent stated that they never received my money, but I sent money to the account, which the agent told me. I wonder if there are other people, who had the same experience. Can you provide any good piece of advice?

NetPDL / 99.49 withdrawn

Jan 09, 2013

I applied for online loans with NetPDL. A week later 99.49 withdrawn from account I did not authorize getting the run around from membership club.