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Nationwide Home Warranty Complaints & Reviews

Nationwide Home Warranty - Texas / 3 Year Contract not Honored

I signed up for 3 year Home Warranty contract last November. I submitted a fan repair request via online form, since I could not get hold of them over the phone. I did not hear back till a month later via e-mail that they were no longer operating in my area and will refund the premium due to me. It has been 10 follow-up e-mails I have set since then and they have not responded to anyone of those. they owe me over $1000 in premium charged for remaining period. Is there any recourse to such scam??

Nationwide Home Warranty - Georgia, Buford / Breach of Contract

The below e-mail to Nationwide Home Warranty is fairly self explanatory. I am faced with the potential of having to replace an AC unit and this is what I found when filing my claim yesterday; I sent you an e-mail early this morning filing a claim with no response at all. When I called in the customer service rep advised that you no longer were servicing this area and you were cancelling my policy and sending me a prorated refund of $63. I asked when this was started and the response was May 18, 2010. I asked when they planned on notifing the contract holders as myself and he responded that they...

Nationwide Home Warranty - New York, Brooklyn / Insurance Fraud

They are committing insurance fraud. I purchased 1 year policy from them for $325 in Nov 2009 and have contacted them several times via email, fax and phone and have not received any type of response as outlined in my contract. I then looked up the address they have on their website and found it listed as 100 Church St in NY, NY on the 8th floor. I went there and was told that company is not located there but in Brooklyn at 2711 Coney Island Ave 2nd floor Brooklyn, NY 11235. The company also goes by the name MOAF Corp. They had another home warranty scam...

Nationwide Home Warranty - New Jersey / MEDIA CONTACT - PLEASE CALL


PLEASE CALL/EMAIL: GET MEDIA COVERAGE FOR SCAM NATIONWIDE HOME WARRANTY I made contact, please call/email to add support to our issues. RE: Nationwide Home Warranty Ongoing Scam Media Contact: Jim Donovan Jim Donovan Consumer Reporter +1.215.977.5333 KYW-TV (CBS 3) 1555 Hamilton St Philadelphia, PA 19130-4085 USA

Nationwide Home Warranty - Virginia, Glen Allen / Illegal ,Scam, Fraud

FYI They now have been required to put their physical address on their website as well as local number.For those of us who want them sured or prosecuted here is their address. Funny they are closed on Sunday! So dont have a plumbing problem on the weekends! Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 10am-5pm EST Sat 11am-5pm EST Sunday Closed Nationwide Home Warranty 100 Church St. 8th floor New York, NY 10007 Phone: 1 (718) 943-6920 Fax: 1 (718) 943-6924 Email: They do not provide the service they say . I repeat they are taking money and not providing anything. They do not...

Nationwide Home Warranty - Nevada / Dishonest Company

Claim process was a nightmare. I was on hold for over an hour finally hung up called back and pressed 1 for sales and what do you know someone picked up right away. Was put on hold again and after another 15 min. of hold was connected to a claims person (which suspiciously sounded just like the sales person I spoke with previously). They asked what the problem was and said a service tech would contact me within 24hrs. I was uncomfortable with the whole experience so I proceeded to contact a plumber who I knew worked with this company in the past and asked if they still contracted service...

Nationwide Home Warranty - Minnesota / Wouldn't cover replacement. Rip Off!


Got the Nationwide Home Warranty to cover our Furnace, A/C and Waterheater. Furnace broke. Called for a technician, who came out right away. Didn't hear anything, so when I called the technician, I was told that Nationwide wouldn't cover the replacement because of rust and corrosion. The technician apparently told them that the problem has been existing for 4 years. He looked at the furnace for 10 minutes, didn't ask any questions and he knows that there was a problem for 4 years???? We had maintenance done on our furnace every year and they never found a problem. Called...

Nationwide Home Warranty - North Carolina, Matthews / Bogus Company

This is my 3rd bad experience (Garbage Disposer issue) with Nationwide Home Warranty company. To give a context, I was lured to sign up for 2 years contract and so far it has been nothing but disappointment with this Bogus Firm. They collected a huge some of money for 2 year contract and so far I have tried to call them 3 times for simple repair. Everytime it was a disappointment after disappointment. In the latest round of scam, I was asked to fax the contract and I did it promptly. Then I got an email stating that it was assigned to a plumbing firm where I live and I was asked to contact them...

Nationwide Home Warranty / Does anyone know where Mutual Home Mortgage (Nationwide Home Warranty) is incorporated?

Does anyone know where Mutual Home Mortgage (Nationwide Home Warranty) is incorporated? I already have the 100 Church St. Address in NY, but I am trying to find their base of operations. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Nationwide Home Warranty - Texas / Class Action Lawsuit


I submitted a claim for a refidgerator/Freezer. After 5 days, they finally sent someone out. Their technician said we needed a new compressor. They attempted to call NWH many times, where they would be put on hold and then hung up on. Finally I was able to reach them and they denied our claim as they said it was a built-in unit and those were not covered. I asked to speak to someone about it, and they said I could only email as they don't talk to customers. I sent them my contract which has no such exclusions, and of course they never have responded. In addition, they billed my AMEX 45...

Nationwide Home Warranty / Fraud


If you're looking for a home warranty contract, DO NOT use Nationwide Home Warranty. The business they operate fraudulently advertises to resolve claims quickly and easily, a total scam. They deny all claims over $100, based upon their request for maintenance records. If you have been vicitimized by this company please submit complaints to: 1. The Better Business Bureau (in your home state and in New York), 2. The New York Attorney General, 3. The Federal Trade Commission, and 4. The Department of Real Estate (in your home state) 3 months after buying my house our HVAC stopped working...

Nationwide Home Warranty - Texas, Houston / Deceptive Practices

Company indicates in its terms and conditions that all components of pool heaters are covered under their supplemental property. They dispatched their choice of contractors who reported back to them that the gas valve inside the heater had failed. They randomly said they do not cover gas valves. I asked them how they could randomly pick a component inside the pool heater to not cover when their terms and conditions says all components of the heating system. This company is contantly a struggle to do business with and every contractor that I have spoken to indicates they are the worst of all home warranty companies for standing behind their policy. Buyer beware!

Nationwide Home Warranty - New York, New York / Unethical Business Practices


We were duped by these folks, and are fighting them! We bought a home warranty, and were reassured all would be covered. The A/C unit went out, we called, they sent a repairman, then refused the coverage, saying that it was pre-existing! Duh! They knew that when they sold us "coverage". Then, they said we could have it covered if we coughed up 4 years of maintenence reports. We bought the coverage because we didn't know the history of the unit, or anything else in the place we bought! They knew this when they gleefully took our money! Unethical, Unprofessional, Deceptive, and Unreliable!...

Nationwide Home Warranty - New Jersey / Won't Honor the Terms of the Contract


In February, 2017, I filed a claim to repair a refrigerator. I was told by the technician who they assigned that the compressor on my 6 year old Maytag refrigerator was bad. I spoke with Sasha Martinez (on 3/6 and 3/19) who told me that Nationwide denied the claim saying since I didn't have maintenance records showing I maintained the unit, the claim was closed. According to the Manufacturers users guide, all the maintenance and cleaning are things you can do yourself as part of normal care and cleaning. Nationwide told me that since I could not provide proof that I maintained the...

Nationwide Home Warranty / Renew Without Permission


Ntionwide Home Warranty decided to go ahead and just charge our credit card to renew our contract, although the contract stated otherwise (only if we paid month to month could they renew). When my husband called to inquire as to why this happened, the customer service rep was very rude and stated that in the contract they were allowed to do that. To his husband had to talk over her and read the contract to her and told her where he was reading from. At that point, she finally looked something up and stopped arguing with him. Then she told him he had to call back because no one from billing wa...

Nationwide Home Warranty - New York, New York / Cheating


I enrolled Nationwide Home Warranty on January 7, 2009. The sale person told me that I could cancel my contract within 30 days without penalty. However, I found that many people complained their service after I searched internet. I immediately made a call to cancel my enrollment. One customer service representative told me that it took 5-7 business days for the cancellation. I made a call again on January 14. This time one customer service representative told me they needed a written notice and asked me to send an email to I sent three emails on January 14, 20...

Nationwide Home Warranty - New York, New York / BBB, Attny. General of Greater NY, NY State Insurance Board Info.

If anyone, beside myself, has had problems getting Nationwide Home Warranty to pay/settle claims on things covered under your contract, it's worth while in contacting the following to register complaints against them. The more complaints they get, the better. They are the least professional group I have ever dealt with and are dishonest in their practices. New York State Department of Insurance: 212-480-6400 address to send complaint: CSB New York State Insurance Dept. 25 Beaver St. New York, NY 10004 In your complaint, list your name, Policy #, copies of any and all documentation and if...

Nationwide Home Warranty - New York, New York / Unpaid Claim, Poor Customer Service, Rip Off Because Policy Will Not Cover Me


I am disgusted with the way I have been treated. I purchased Nationwide's Full Protection Plan only to get no protection. They asked for maintenance records on my AC unit. I explained to them that these documents should have been requested at the time of my purchasing the contract, which was purchased before I closed on my home. I have submitted the invoice showing when the unit was installed and I have no other documents available or means to obtain any other documents. The stated that the invoice was insufficient and that the claim was still denied. I want my money back because thi...

Nationwide Home Warranty - New York / poor service, denying a claim

I purchased their home warranty with an additional option for a second refrigerator. I opened a claim with them over a month ago to repair this refrigerator. I was finally able to get someone to come out by threatening to cancel my warranty. The technician evaluated the refrigerator and found that the condenser was bad. At that point you have to call in and have the claim approved. My claim was denied because I couldn't provide any maintenance records. I asked what maintenance records would be required for a four year old refrigerator and I wasn't given a clear answer (probably since...

Nationwide Home Warranty - New York, New York / Online scam


This company is a total scam. Run from this company. The told me my charge would be $250 but charged my credit card $400. They denied every claim because first they said I needed to show I maintained the appliance. When I showed them the records, they told me they don't cover appliances that had repairs previously. People there are VERY rude and no one tells you anything. I never received a bill, a contract, nothing. They took my money and they are a scam. I filed charges with the state attorney. It is very easy to do and I suggest you do the same. Perhaps we can get a class action going.