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National Motor Museum Mint Complaints & Reviews

National Motor Museum Mint - Ohio / Theft By Deception

Jun 10, 2011

In December of 2010 I purchased 2 Ford Vehicles from their web site for my son in law for Christmas, as he is a Ford salesman and enjoys the older models. Upon completing the order many, many, many pop-ups came up trying to get me to join clubs, add items, and just general additional nusiance sales tactics. I declined all, but at checkout upon checking my invoice they still had gotten one in on me. I immedeately emailed them with the order number and demanded they remove the additional charge, which they did. I received my order, and thought all was well until this week, 6 months later. I found...

National Motor Museum Mint - Connecticut, Norwalk / unauthorized charges, dishonest sales pitches

Feb 28, 2011

I first received a phone call from a salesman after 2 years of inactivity. He asked if I'd like to preview a collection of cars, no obligation, and one was mine to keep even if I decided I did not want it. I was skeptical, so I again asked about the no obligation. He said, yes no obligation, in fact, they would even include return shipping. So with that said, I agreed to "preview" the 3 cars. Two days later, my bank account had been charged for this collection I haven't even received yet. I called my bank and asked them to stop the payment, it was unauthorized, i didn't even give...

National Motor Museum Mint / Rip off and rude reps

Feb 14, 2011

Ordered stuff in September and that went well but in November and December started getting stuff I didn't order with charges on my credit card. Returned them unopened. Still don't have credit. They only want to credit me the actual cost, not shipping or credit card interest incurred. Tried to discuss with supervisor and was hung up on twice. Last rep was beyond rude and condescending. He said, " If you don't get the credit on your next bill, you need to call your credit card bank. You do know what a bank is, don't you?" Watch out if you order from these guys.

National Motor Museum Mint / Sent product not ordered


National Motor Museum Mint - after making HUGE mistake of placing an order based on TV offer, I cannot get rid of these people - they keep sending me more stuff without being ordered and billing my credit card initially supplied. I have now had my card BLOCK these people, , and I intend to contact the better business bureau - those of us who are being harrassed and robbed by these people need to fight back and spread this word. I expect they will change to a different name that has a good sound to those like me, who have not had this happen to them yet. What has happened to simple, old HONEST businesses? These people need to be PUNISHED by whatever means available.

National Motor Museum Mint - Pennsylvania, Albion / Unauthorized Charges


First of all I never even heard of this company, I found this unauthorized transaction on my Master/Bank Card on 05/05/2009. I did my serch about this Company and found this is a common practice. I talked to a representive this AM, the told there was a TV promotion for these Minted Cars. Like I said, " I never heard of this company"!! The repersentive was so sorry about this, and told me to return any packages from them and they would creited my account. Well I will see. I will keep you up dated.

National Motor Museum Mint / So pissed


I ordered 3 sets of the1948 @1956 ford pickup for the total of 30.00 When my order came in the mail I was charged 30.00 PLUS 72.65 FOR SHIPPING CHARGES .How do they get away with this??? I would think that this would be against the law.BUT they don, t tell you the shipping charges so I guess they can get away with it. It is so SAD to know there are so many dishonest and GREEDY PEOPLE in the world!!! I have really learnt a lesson in ordering off of the T.V. SO PISSED!

National Motor Museum Mint / Awful company


I was contacted at around 5pm on 10-8-07 and the young lady that I was speaking to told me that they would be sending me out a free 1964 1/2 Mustang for being a great customer. Also that I would be able to view the following vehicles. And that there would be no charge unless I choose to keep it after the viewing time. Well What i found out was that they have kept my credit card information without my permission and were going to bill it as soon as the order was shipped. Even though the sales rep said there was no cost upfront. So if you have ordered from National Motor Mint in the past they have your card info and you need to call them and get it removed so this doesn't happen to you.

National Motor Museum Mint / Scam charges


The national motor museum mint has charged my credit card 3 times now without my permission. I've called customer serves and they say they've canceled my account yet I keep getting cars and my card keeps getting charged. I would advise that you never give them your credit card #. Also the product is very, very low grade and breaks with lite handling if you don't receive it broken. Stay away from this company!! I wish I could say something good about my experience with the national motor museum mint. I'm not a complainer but after being charged over $100 for cars that I don't want and haven't ordered I'm getting a little pissed.

National Motor Museum Mint / Terrible experience


Items were refused because of the persons death and returned to NMMM. They were also informed 2 days after death and told not to reship (this is first week in April). We put in a change of address In mid May they reshipped and sent bills. Was in contact 4 times and was told they would send a return label. They didn't, now they tell me its in COLLECTIONS. I'm returning items again. They are shipped in light boxes inside plastic bags, and they want them shipped in sturdy boxes. Lot of hassle for made in China plastic.

National Motor Museum Mint / Failed to deliver the complete order


On the 09/07/2008, I ordered 3 remote vehicles for total of $94.07 shipping incl. on 14th I received a free matchbox sized car in the mail but never received the 3 remote cars I paid for. They confirmed receipt of my order, issued a Number 842847, I’m still waiting for my purchase. The cars were ordered by email out of a BCA magazine ad.1. 1966 Dodge Viper, 1988 Chevrolet Corvette, 2000 Shelby Coupe. I have a tracking number but that was only for the free 1:43 scale free 1956 Ford Thunderbird. I assumed the tracking number was for the whole order, but was not.