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My Computer Club Complaints & Reviews

My Computer Club - California, San Diego / misleading and unauthorized charges


I was on this website reviewing financing options. I was reviewing information on becoming a member. I had input my card info and I was ok with this because the website stated that my card would not be charged until I placed my "order." Apparently my membership was my "order", and within less than 5 minutes my card was charged $44.50. I called my bank right away and also emailed the company at the address provided of [email protected] My bank advised that the payment was already debited. Yahoo responded hours later advising that the address provided was invalid and the message wa...

My Computer Club - California, San Diego / membership fee


I was looking for a Payday Loan on the internet. Some where this company got my info and withdrew $49.95 out of my bank account and caused an overdraw. I only get paid S.S. once a month and every penny is needed. This cost me a hundred dollars total. The bank won't refund their fees. The company did refund charge saying it was a membership refund. I've never heard of them and and at 70 am not interested in their club and purchasing new computers and/accessories. This money was for my meds and my dog food for the month. They sent a letter with the refund to me, not the bank and in it...