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Mt Sierra College Complaints & Reviews

Mt Sierra College - California, Monrovia / Interviewing process

Aug 23, 2016

I was invited to interview with Mt Sierra college located at 800 Royal oaks drive Monrovia CA, for a Admissions position with Director of Career Services, Liz Zataray and Dr. Jon Persavich which in the job description a degree was not required but Dr Jon Persavich kept mentioning a degree which was the first sign Liz Zataray I didn't understand why she was even in the interview since she isn't apart of the Admissions department which means they didn't have a manager for the role I applied for the entire interview was not organized correctly anyway I was called back for the second interview to...

Mt Sierra College - California, Los Angeles / THIS COLLEGE SUCKS

Sep 12, 2013

I would like to say that Mt Sierra is the worst college. It is a scam, they offer a BA, but it is not recognized at other colleges, some of the teachers are racist, some are stuck up, and only good staff they used to have they suddenly laid off. They don't give you any of the equiptment that they promise if you go there you will get a real surprise when you start the classes, because you are not given full notice of what materials you need for class. The classes are rushed, not enough tutors so I couldn't get one, they had no rental camera's even though it is a film college just many, many different problems with this school. It is smoke and mirrors please don't go there if you thinking about it.