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I would like to say that Mt Sierra is the worst college. It is a scam, they offer a BA, but it is not recognized at other colleges, some of the teachers are racist, some are stuck up, and only good staff they used to have they suddenly laid off. They don't give you any of the equiptment that they promise if you go there you will get a real surprise when you start the classes, because you are not given full notice of what materials you need for class. The classes are rushed, not enough tutors so I couldn't get one, they had no rental camera's even though it is a film college just many, many different problems with this school. It is smoke and mirrors please don't go there if you thinking about it.

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Juan Velasquez
, US
Jan 25, 2022 11:27 am EST

As a graduate of Mt. Sierra College, I have to agree that Mt Sierra College was a scam. I regret not having gone to a state college. Fortunately, I do have an Associate degree from Pasadena City College (a real college)

, US
Jul 06, 2017 11:42 am EDT

Please do not attend this college. It is a for-profit school that does not care about education. There is no justifiable reason why this college is more expensive then traditional state schools. ALL THEY WANT IS YOUR MONEY! This school is a parasite to the educational system