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Mortgage Complaints & Reviews

Mortgage / Unacceptable delay and inaction

Mar 20, 2015

RE: LN140179304/598/UK/PUR(COMPLETED)/HL/ij/miw We signed the letter of offer for a property loan on 10 Mar. We were assured that the Bank's solicitor will get in touch with our UK solicitor asap i.e. within the same week. Today is 20 Mar and nothing has happened despite several reminders and emails. I have called the bank and contacted the Team Lead of mortgage advisory on 19 Mar. I was assured that the bank's solicitor will make contact today. This has not happened. This delay is totally unacceptable. The seller, our property agent and UK solicitors are all waiting for the bank to act. The bank's employee, Jerome Phua, has repeated failed in his duty of care. This reflects very poorly on CIMB.

Mortgage - Massachusetts, Acton / paid off the mortgage,bank did not release title

May 5, 2013

In 2005 I paid off a mortgage to release my condo from a blanket mortgage. Sovereign bank did not release it. They sold it to another party.I took this to court. Initially the bank wanted to close the case.I did a counterclaim.Now the bank is saying I owe them the money for the mortgage. The courts final judgement is in favor of the bank.I had about 1 million dollar equity in the blanket mortgage and the bank lied about this in court. I lost over a million dollars due to the banks selling the blanket mortgage to another company. I had these condominium for over 25 years and I paid over 1...

Mortgage - Iowa, Altoona / Stold my home

Mar 16, 2011

How this started was I had a family member die. Ed Skinner was the estate attorney. Well after years of crap finally it was over. The house was in my name and everything was closed. Then Shortly after I received a forclosure. On a property that was mine. MMM couldn't understand. Went to many attorneys and they stated we had a mortgage on it. Thing is once again it was paid and in my name. I paid all taxes, death fees, everything to close the estate. Well Ed Skinner had a bank make a fake mortgage and forged our names. So we forclosed on a fake mortgage. Lost our home. And we are making...

Mortgage - California / Loan


Amerisave fancy website is deceiving. Surfing the net I found a fancy website advertising lowest refinance fees, etc. Called them and they followed up quickly to do business. They said they are direct lender and a fast processing loan company. I had intended a refinance of 600K houses with 180K in loan, credit score of 750, income of over 100K. How ever, when I filed the application online I got per-approval within minutes. Immediate appraisal was done @ $450. and appraise value of 550K. Submitted all documents 3 times and finally with FedEX, never saw the progress page filled up when checking...

Mortgage - Michigan, Detroit / Fraud


Ocwen Loan Servicing acquired my mortgage under false pretence. This company is trying to hold my home as foreclose and they don't own it. Fidelity Mortgage company tried to refinance my home and I refused their service because they could not offer me a lower interest rate than what I had in return they forge my name on closing papers after I refused to complete the contract and call themselves selling my mortgage to Ocwen Loan Service who threaten to foreclose on my home because I refused to pay. Apryll Adams agent for Fidelity Mortgage handle the contract sent a notary to my home to...

Mortgage - California, Simi Valley / Bank of America still showed I owed $86,828.42 for a house that already short sold


lost my job due to a car accident in Dec 2005, was disabled for 4 months and decided to ask Countrywide who owned both 1st and 2nd mortgage to approve a Short Sale. The Negotiator of Countrywide Adam Herson accepted the Short Sale with a condition that the Short Sale will only be approved if the escrow closed and that there will be no deficiency judgment against us will be pursued. The escrow closed, we have a letter and copies of email flrom the Negotiator that the balance of $190, 000 is cancelled. Last Year I have checked my Bank of America online and found out that Bank of America added to...

Mortgage - Iowa, Waterloo / Mortgage payment stopped after paying off second


About 2 months ago I paid off my second on my house. Loan number: 8259798893. I advised Equity Accelerator that my loan on my second had been paid off and that they could stop my automatic payment on my second. Well somebody at the Equity Accelerator made an error and stopped my mortgate payment from being paid to GMAC. I was advised this by Malcom on 2/18/10. The reason I questioned this was that I received a letter in the mail from GMAC Mortgate that I should be working with the Loss Mitigation department on a special forbearance or other foreclosure prevention alternatives. GMAc advised I...

Mortgage - Texas, Coppell / possible fraudulant activity


I began a mortgage modification process with AHMSI in Nov, 09. I was very sick and had to have surgery. Since I was self employed I knew I would need to modify my loan in order to stay current with my payments. I hired a law firm called Alliance Law Center headed by Cameron Edwards. They were unable to get AHMS to communicate appropriately with them . In Sept, 09 Alliance Law Center was shut down and the lawyers involved had their licenses revoked. I notified AHMSI, via faxed letters and phone calls, to let them know I was now going to represent myself in moving forward with the loan...

Mortgage - Illinois, Carol Stream / Erroneous Charges and attacks against credit


From the Desk of Vaughn Millard Williams III 1420 West 87th Street Los Angeles, California 90047 310-941-8264 [email protected] June 17, 2008 Ocwen Loan Servicing Attention: Director of Customer Service P.O. Box 6440 Carol Stream, IL 60197 -6440 RE: Account Number 00338333351 – Removal of 30 day late and request for attention to the matters below: Dear Director Customer Service (OCWEN), This correspondence comes out of pure frustration as I cannot make heads or tails with your company. Your customer service line plays games with me and tells me things like “I’m sorry...

Mortgage - New York, Brooklyn / Deceptive practice


Raised my rate 0.5% 15 hours before the closing time. The increase of the rate was delivered by text message (SMS). Any attempt to reach my broker by phone - FAILED Broker's name: Alex Gofman