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Morning Star Academy Complaints & Reviews

Morning Star Academy - Florida / Full year tuition required beyond 30 days

Jan 15, 2013

A note of caution regarding entering into a contract for payment whether or not services are still being rendered: We enrolled our two children the MorningStar Academy for two months in 2011, but sitting at the computer all day did not turn out to be a long term fit for either child and especially not for our youngest. The contract for services requires that you pay full tuition for the entire year unless you cancel within the first 30 days. At 30 days, we discussed with our kids that we had to be fully committed to continue forward and made the decision together to continue. However, a short...

Morning Star Academy / lack of services


Received no communication throughout the year, accused of lying about it ... they do not completely provide the services they state ... teachers not online, messages not returned, numerous calls to support with no resolutions. My son offended a policy, was suspended for a day ... the day started one minute after midnight the first day, continued to one minute before midnight the second day and they called that a one day suspension. It was 48 hours! They offered a mere 7 hours back, but only because they wanted me off the phone. They refuse to offer any grace toward my son and our situation. We...

Morning Star Academy - Florida / Refund


Courses paid for, but son could not attend. Several dozen e-mails and no return. Finally 4 months later a reply comes that said, sorry no refunds...Lots of money down the drain. And these people call themselves christian. I want my money back!!