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Money Works Complaints & Reviews



Made unauthorized charge to my credit cards. Refused refund. I Phoned credit card company and reported, the fraudulent charge to CITI Bank. At first credited my money back. But then Money Works sent a letter to them all I had to do was cancel and send the package back to them and they would give me a refund. SO I RETURNED THE PACKAGE. After doing so, I sent my comfirmation back to Citibank with my Cert from USPS saying it was deliver and signed for. Citibank then reinstated the charge back onto my card $990.00 and still to this day I have not received my credit Money works. I have contacted...

Money Works / False Claims


I was contacted by these charlatans in March 09 and was assured that they could lower interest rates and help with debt consolidation, upon receing their information packet I sent back a letter declining their offer. They continued to charge my credit card $1495.00. They have submit information to my credit card company of a business name and an address that can not be verifed (Economic Relief Technologies LLC out of Atlanta, GA. They are not to utilized by any person that is looking to have their financial picture improved. According to the Credit Repair Organization Act (CROA) of 1996 thi...

Money Works / Fraud and Scam


I too have been scammed by these disgusting people. I paid them $1095 to get me lower interest rates on my credit cards. The only thing I got from them was a extra $1095 in debt. I faxed them to decline the offer within two days of getting their info packet and they told me I had no right to opt out. They refuse to refund my money and I haven't heard from them in 5 weeks. 67 years old and should know better. Do any of us have any recourse? Mary Ann Toney

Money Works - Georgia, Smyrna / will not refund my money ,


Failed to show me a savings of 4000.00 . Charge my credit card and will not refund me the 1295.00 . They promised. They put me into more of a financial bind. by charge my card and rasing the minimum payment on the card.

Money Works / Refund policy


"money works" is a company that has been scamming people with several business names and the inability to refund patrons money at their request! My wife was taken for $990. 00 and we have just begun to fight to recover that loss. She tried to get them to credit her card within two days of the purchase of they refused to do so. Beware of this company! They have used the name "clear breeze solutions" and "financial protection service" in Smyrna Georgia. Keep your credit card in your wallet and negotiate your credit card percentage rate yourself. You don't need them our their shady practices!