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Metro Motors Sales, INC. Complaints & Reviews

Metro Motors Sales, INC. - Florida, Longwood / Customer service

Aug 15, 2016

Seller was kind as I was looking to make a cash purchase one Saturday. I saw a potential fit and was leaning towards buying. When I informed him that I needed until Monday to discuss it with my wife and consider, he became agitated and argued (this after already having joked with me that he does not like dealing with women). I told him he did not need to hold it but that I would phone him Monday. But he decided to phone me again Saturday evening and again on Monday morning. I told him kindly why I was not interested and he insulted me and hung up on me.

Metro Motors Sales, INC. - Florida, Longwood / Bad service


On 1/3/2009 I went to metro motors to buy a car. I put a deposit $100 deposit down that he said was refundable on a 1990 Toyota Camry. On 1/17/2009 I went to pick up the car like agreed upon with $200 Dan Cash told me to bring. He informed me he sold that car but he had a really good running Dodge Intrepid that he would sell me. I told him I wanted the deposit back and he said no. So Felling stuck I took the Dodge. I didn�t get it 5 miles and it over heated. I told him I wanted out of the car and he said no, he would fix it. He said he wanted a man with some sense to look at it. I asked...