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McFerrin Motors Complaints & Reviews

McFerrin Motors - Texas, Humble / good people

Jan 4, 2011

My name is Jevon and I'm black, now if u think the people at Mcferrin Motors are racists ur crazy, PAY YOUR ###!!! I bought 3 cars from them with no problems just keep ur insurance up and pay ur note on time and u won't have any problems, otherwise just like with any company they will pick up to ###!!! If u went there that mean that was ur last place that would put u in a car, so next time take ur ### 2 a dealership, its people like u that mess hook UPS 4 people like me, look just pay yo ### !!!

McFerrin Motors / Scam artists


Three weeks ago went to dealership bought a car. Treated bad almost as thought they did not want us to buy the car.We detected a little racism but, we proceeded to buy the Chevy Avalanche. We purchased the car with a large lump sum down payment over $5000 and then it was discovered to be a salvaged title car. Went back to see Mr Mike we had title problems. Three weeks later and the title was not corrected. Next, the insurance company canceled the insurance because my wife does not drive but was on the insurance as a driver due to the fact that they said she has to be covered on the insurance...