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Manpower Complaints & Reviews

Manpower / Lies lies lies

Jul 28, 2014

I absolutely agree. I am sad to say I know what it feels like from a recruiter stand point as an associate, what they call IN HOUSE TEMP. Manpower exploits its ASSOCIATES AND EMPLOYEES, for money and greed. I am disheartened that I devoted my hard knowledge in the recruiting field to such a disregarding company. Core Values, that's a laugh. Looks good on paper and in the NEWS! Greed is what has taken over. When I look to see that MONEY that the Executive management team makes as an annual salary thanks to the low paying, over worked ASSOCIATES and RECRUITERS and we don't make bonuse...

Manpower - Georgia / Application Process


This company advertises for contract employees to perform administrative assistant functions for their clients on short and long-term conditions. I have applied for several postings on various job boards and every time they call me, I am asked to come into their office and complete paperwork that includes IRS Tax Withholding forms. The requirement is that these forms MUST be completed prior to any interview or discussion regarding the position. Why do they need withholding forms completed if I do not have a job? If this is not illegal, it should be. What an easy way to steal someone's ID!

Manpower / Screwed me out of job


Recently, Manpower had me working at Walmart.Com and when I went in to work on Saturday afternoon (3:30-12:00 shift), my badge would not unlock the door for me to go in... had to get the security guard to let me in. When I confronted my supervisor, she handed me a pack of lies about what I was doing wrong in my work, which I knew for a fact, were complete bullschtick. When I demanded to see the documentation she had to back up her claims, she told me Manpower had those documents. After I got home (a 2 mile walk, by the way), I called Manpower, and inquired about the supporting documents. I wa...

Manpower / Scam


The owner of Anthony Manpower and Employment Agency (Anthony) oversells before a customer signs on the line. Ultimately, the maids do not match what he promised (and said he personally interviewed) in terms of verbal ability and other work attitude areas. These are minor - after the third failed maid (first did not arrive, the next two were really horrible and were return almost immediately), we decided to change maid agency. This is when the horror began. 1. The previous maids (first maid that arrived) was still not issued with a maid permit by the agency. This is apparently done by the...