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LPC Card Complaints & Reviews

LPC Card - California, Los Angeles / fraud credit card


I am glad ppl took the time to express their experiences with lpc card. This website is very useful and noticeable as soon as you choose to search the lpc card website. I'm shredding the pre approved letter and fake card I received in the mail today. If they were giving me $7500 pre approved credit why do they need $ from my bank account 1st instead of deducting and charging the fees from the $7500 credit limit given like most legit cards do. And NO interest rate 4 this amount of $$. UH UH!

LPC Card - California, Los Angeles / Credit Card Scam

My husband received a letter today from LPC Card Approval Department and when my husband opened the letter, it says he's pre-approved for a purchase credit limit of $7, 500.00. Membership status: Platinum (card included in the letter). I knew it was a hoax immediately. First red flag was there was a card with my husbands name imprinted on it included w/the letter. 2nd red flag was we've never heard of this so-called "bank" before. HMMMM! These were just the first 2 things I noticed immediately. When you get something that seems too good to be true, then that's exactly what it is. People...

LPC Card / stealing people money/ identity theft


telling consumers they have a credit line of 7, 500 if you subscribe on a friday and decide to cancell the same day you are told to call back on monday because your not in the system and they don't work weekends. when you call to cancell n mondays they say your cancelled but there still taking a 120.00 still for a non- refundable processinfg fee. unbeliveable tryed t alkingwith a supervisor there worst than the customer service reps. now they have access to yopur bank account and thats not good. no catalog, njo welcome kit, and im still out of 120.00 for what something needs to be done. i want my money back!!!

LPC Card - California, Los Angeles / total scam

If you receive a LPC SHOPPING CLUB card (that appears and sounds like it is a credit card) the best thing to do is cut it up and throw it away IT IS A TOTAL SCAM!!! these people are targeting people with credit problems in hopes that they will accept their offer. I recieved one of their so called platinum cards(WITH A 7500$ LIMIT) but was not fooled by this companies scam. Here Is a little information that may help people spot these companies, any card that does not have a familliar credit comp. (visa, mastercard, american express, etc.)is not real, if you go to your local atm you will...

LPC Card - California, Los Angeles / business practices


If you receive this card you should be asking how and where did they get your information from. Is it ID theft? I would be concerned about that bit of info right off the bat. If you didn't apply for the card then be very, very concerned. I didn't apply, so I reported them to my State Attorney General (most have websites with an online complaint form). Also report them to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at by completing their online consumer complaint form. If you didn't apply and you didn't initiate contact I would be very very concerned.

LPC Card - California, Los Angeles / Never been able to use it

I recieved offer in the the mail. Signed up gave money to get started and have not been able to use the card at all. I have called several times to get the web access to work so I could order product and thay say they will email new pin and the email never comes. I have done this 3 times. The trouble is I have let this go a while now. I should be pissed because they took $198 with nothing in return but a catalog. I just called them again today and they promised to have my pin fixed by tommorow. Ya SURE!!! They even gave me an additional $200 dollar credit on my next purchase. I doubt I will be...

LPC Card / Scam


These people LPC Card company are sending cards that look like a real credit card but can be used only at their shopping club. They make all the stuff look like this is a real credit card, but they take 200 dollars from you that is not refundable. Also, the stuff that they offer are over priced and there is no use for this service because you can always get these stuff at a better deal at the local mall. These people should be banned from doing business as they indulge in misguiding to do their business. Total Fraud.


money taking out of my checking account with out my approval, requesting a refund in the amount of 31.95A S A P THANK YOU JANNETTE AUSTIN.

LPC Card / money out of my bank account to early

I have been trying to cancel this account starting on the may 1st until may8th three days in advance was able to get in contact with no one . T, he phone was answering call back later due to high volume. all day long I also E-mail the company they said they do not cancel online I told them what I was trying to do so they won, t take the money out my account because I did not have it . I ended up getting a hold of someone late Thursday eveneing and she told me that it was to late may 8th it was not to go to the bank unti May 9th 2008 now my bank account is overdrawn $37.00 and $8.00 a day I...