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Longwood Industries Car Sales Complaints & Reviews

Longwood Industries Car Sales - Saskatchewan / Lied about BBB BBB Accreditation


I was trying to sell my car on auto trader and someone from Longwood Industries Car Sales called. The telemarketer told me that they were a BBB (better bureau of business) accredited business and they could sell my car for me right away. I told her that i needed to call her back in a bit. She stared getting pushy saying if it did not sell they would give me all of my money back. I told her that i needed to do some research on the Auto Marketing Systems cmpany and hung up. -----------------------------------------BBB lookup on Auto Marketing Systems----------------------------------------- After...

Longwood Industries Car Sales / Scam on auto sale listings


Longwood Industries Car Sales - This group sees your auto listing on Craig's List or somewhere similar, and they offer to sell it for you with a moneyback guarantee. (See other similar complaints on this web site). They then make it impossible to get your moneyback. Part of the fraud is that they never tell you about the "requirements" for the guarantee until after they have your money. Then they just make up new requirements as they go along.