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Long Island Conservatory, LISMA, L.I.C, Liconservatory Complaints & Reviews

Long Island Conservatory, LISMA, L.I.C, Liconservatory / Academic - private math lesson

Sep 22, 2016

This place is a crap!!! They have missed to pick up my 9 yr old son from school, and I got a call after 30 mins of school's dismissal. I had to call the institute and find out that LISMA driver did not arrive!! When I called the institute, the owner just screamed at me, saying that' Lady I don't need any lecture from you.' They don't know they are dealing with a 9 year old minor here!! I work full time 20 miles away from school, and I depend on LISMA to pick up my son from school. I always had trouble with them. The owner is just horrible. They have ridiculous price. They even changed my son'...

Long Island Conservatory, LISMA, L.I.C, Liconservatory - New York, Albertson / No refund?!


This place doesn't issue refunds. It doesnt issue refunds for students who never took the lesson, it doesnt give refund before the lessons even start 3 weeks before hand, there is no tuition refund for after school, ESL school, College, music lessons, art lessons. in the ESL brochures, it specifically states that refunds are given to students before the lessons start. In the application forms or their website, it states that refund policy is refunds are given before classes start. They will not issue refunds!! They say that they'll give credits but I dont want to deal with the...